TEN postpones Cram premiere

TEN’s new panel show Cram has been pushed out from its intended premiere next Tuesday night until November.

Last night it ran a promo that indicates a launch on Thursday November 2nd -a long way out for an on-air promo.

It’s not clear what will screen in its place. At the moment it is still scheduled for next week (that info should change today).

Against the might of The Block next week TEN would have faced stiff competition but on Thursdays it can have a cleaner launch. Even though there will only be 4 more weeks in the ratings year, no doubt the network well remembers Have You Been Paying Attention? and is now a ratings success.


  1. I subscribe to the Freeview Australia newsletter and on todays newsletter they were still advertising cram as starting next Tuesday. I guess they didn’t get the memo about the amendment. Also on last weeks newsletter they had a coming soon promo for tens new show sisters. The problem was the picture attached to the blurb was from channel 7s show the secret daughter. May need to unsubscribe if its going to be inaccurate.

  2. The would have planned for the Block. It’s likely to be part II of Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar that tipped the balance. Launching a new show against The Block/TBBT premiere, MH/800W and Screentime premiere/Catalyst for the diehard ABC watchers in Day Light Savings would be crazy.

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