TEN retains Australian Grand Prix for 2 years

TEN holds onto key event in the motorsport calendar.

TEN will continue to broadcast the Australian Grand Prix Live for the next two years, but has lost exclusivity on other Live Formula One events.

Highlights from every international Formula One race will broadcast on the Monday night following each race on ONE beginning with this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

TEN Chief Executive Officer, Paul Anderson, said: “The Australian Grand Prix is an iconic sporting event and we are delighted that it will remain on TEN.

“Network TEN remains the free-to-air television home of motorsport. Our line-up includes the Supercars Championship, including the Supercars Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, the MotoGP World Championship and the motorsport destination show RPM.

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      1. Right then why did Supercars come out and say that 6 events will run through the life of the agreement. Which is till the end of 2020, not only that CEO of Supercars says that there is strong protections around those 6 events to be shown on FTA. Which would mean there is no way out

        1. Because Supercars are trying to protect their FTA package. Just because they’ve said their won’t be any change doesn’t mean there won’t be. Essentially, as soon as it becomes only Bathurst on the anti siphoning list and Ten can get out of the existing agreement, they will.

          1. Once its only Bathurst, they can ditch the non big events but keep the 6 events of the Supercar championship. Which I hope happens.

            I’ve noticed that in Ten’s wording it used to be biggest V8 Supercar events now it says Supercars championship, including Bathurst 1000. Hopefully that its not just Bathurst that is live

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