TEN wakes to frightful Sunday numbers

Ratings: TEN falls under 300,000 in primetime as The Block dominates Sunday.

Sunday proved to be a horror night for TEN, unable to climb above 300,000 in primetime.

The concluding part of Wake in Fright had to settle for a frightful 293,000 viewers -down by about 90,000 on Part 1.

Having no reality franchise as its lead in, TEN was forced to screen Bull in its early 7:30 slot where just 227,000 viewers tuned in. That was up against the 7pm might of Nine’s The Block at 1.51m viewers and Seven’s Little Big Shots on 893,000. With no FOX titles in its wheelhouse, TEN may struggle to replace Bull with something fresh.

Nine dominated all night with Nine News and 60 Minutes both above the magic million, while it also scored the top 4# rankings in all demos.

Doc Martin and The Doctor Blake Mysteries were both strong for ABC.

Nine network won Sunday with 36.8% then Seven 26.7%, ABC 19.0%, TEN 11.5% and SBS 6.0%.

The Block was #1 with 1.51m viewers for Nine then 60 Minutes (1.07m), Nine News (1.03m ) and Australian Crime Stories (594,000).

Seven News (933,000) was best for Seven then Little Big Shots (893,000), Highway Patrol (622,000) and movie: Star Wars: Episode 1 (411,000).

Doc Martin (882,000), The Doctor Blake Mysteries (862,000), ABC News (815,000), Fearless (291,000) and Classic Countdown (221,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (323,000) led for TEN then Wake in Fright (293,000), The Sunday Project (274,000 / 234,000), Family Feud (235,000) and Bull (227,000).

On SBS it was Robert Redford’s The West (176,000), The Greeks (154,000), SBS World News (141,000).

ABC2’s Hey Duggee was best on multichannels with 183,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 15 October 2017.

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  1. Although Bull was up against pretty stiff competition and I don’t believe it is the right time slot for the show, Ten’s promotion of the show was virtually non-existent. A couple of ads towards the end of the week was all I saw. It is a good show but not being given a chance by the network in my opinion.

  2. Because yanking US imports randomly around the schedule has worked out so well for other TV networks?

    Wake in Fright was an excellent example of modern aussie made TV drama – an overwrought,, boring, cliché-ridden poorly scripted and over-hyped grudge purchase.

    1. Wake i Fright was a great show ten got great shows cant not understand why they are not rating better .they should get fox back also are they going to show this is us another great show

  3. That’s slightly ahead of the final Biggest Loser episode before they moved to daytime for the remainder of that series.

    I want CBS to be able to fix Ten. Otherwise I don’t see Ten lasting much longer and that would be a very sad day indeed for TV.

  4. I must be the only person who liked Wake In Fright. It wasn’t a masterpiece, but at least it wasn’t another biopic about some old geezer from the 1980s (seriously, I’m still waiting for Ten to commission a John Elliott biopic called ‘Pig’s A**e’). It managed to capture the trippy, claustrophobic paranoia of the original movie.

    The problem with Wake In Fright was its excessive glumness. Did every single scene have to be depressed-looking people glaring at each other and occasionally swearing?

    I was also disappointed with the pig hunting scene. It was a cop-out when you compare it to the original movie, where it’s one of the most chilling things ever committed to film.

    1. Agree with all of the above.
      I didn’t mind it – wasn’t nearly as bad as some have made out.
      But it meandered too far from the original’s storyline at times and a few parts were just a bit repetitive with all the running and hiding from “the baddies.
      Clearly not something that would appeal to a wide audience though.
      Fell well short of the original but still worth watching. Deserved far better ratings.

  5. Yes a bad night for Ten but is anyone surprised with the schedule for the night and against The Block. But one day doesn’t maketh a network. Otherwise we’d be saying the opposite given Ten’s excellent ratings last Thursday.

  6. The block seems unstoppable this year but there could be some relief next year when Nine reverts to renovating apartments. TEN’s ownership should be settled by that time and CBS can settle in for the long haul.

  7. Yes I wanted to like WIF but , yes it was just more of the same…the lead character running and hiding from the bad guys…nice ending though, but gee it could have done with a few more twists and turns before that.
    Just got boring, despite the beautiful cinematography…you can’t paper over lots of nothing much happening except running and hiding and being caught again and again.
    Groundhog Day.
    Another massive misfire from TEN, wonder what CBS will make of its performance and the key executives making these DA decisions?

    1. I got so bored unfortunately. I was gripped during the first episode and the second parter had me lose interest very quickly. So disappointing because I always want to support local dramas. Kept watching to end end just wanting to see it play out. Keenan was fantastic in his role and loved the backdrop. Unfortunately it could have been wrapped up in an hour, not two. My husband saw the original and said this just deviated too much.

  8. I suffered through Wake in Fright….. just more of the same from last week…..central character running scared from various people. Bull failed dismally and other CBS dramas that have failed and are now being given prime time slots will also fail, NCIS New Orleans bombed last time and they now give it prime 830 slot next Sunday in a double Ep. Expect even worse numbers next Sunday.

  9. I think “Bull” is aptly named. Caught a few minutes of it where someone was outlining the story line re ‘a media mogul was chasing a communications deal in Australia that didn’t end well’. Hmmm. Gave “Wake in Fright” a big miss following part 1 and the promos.

    1. What you described as watching was the opening minute of Bull. I think a person needs to watch much more of an episode before panning it. It was a good episode in the way it went from knowing a person was guilty and how they proved it as well as discussing the different levels of greed.

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