TEN without FOX titles after deal breaks down

It’s a question that has been circling for weeks… where are the FOX shows on TEN?

Readers have noticed key titles have vanished from ELEVEN and TEN ever since the announcement of a deal with CBS.

News Corp reports FOX is understood to have been unhappy with the amount TEN offered to pay for its content.

“There’s no FOX shows on TEN at this stage,” a TEN spokesman has said, confirming the shows were pulled on Monday after FOX “verbally terminated” a deal until there was more clarity around the ownership of the network.

This leaves shows including Modern Family, The Simpsons, This is Us without a home plus reruns of Malcolm in the Middle, Futurama, MASH. Also in peril Bob’s Burgers, American Horror Story, Empire, Star, New Girl, The X-Files, Speechless, COPS, The Last Man on Earth, Fresh Off the Boat & American Crime Story.

A spokeswoman for FOX in LA said those close to the negotiations could not be reached for comment.

A spokeswoman for Nine said, “We would not be doing an overall deal with FOX. We might want to buy one of their shows but our focus is very much on local content.”

Seven did not respond to a request for comment.

Without a home this leaves Australian viewers open to all kinds of spoilers, but may send some to illegally seek out the shows via piracy.

However Foxtel also has a FOX deal and may swoop on some titles with Empire already screening on FOX8.


  1. TasTVcameraman

    No great loss I would say, and I think it is the big two just trying to flex their muscles. I never watched any of them, I prefer local drama, and not contrived reality stuff.
    We will wait and see what happens in the next few weeks as it is not all done and dusted just yet.

  2. Ten needs new content all those old fox titles were never ratings winners for ten .won’t be missed .viewers want local content . notice it’s the locally produced shows that rate on FTA.TV .American titles don’t win ratings .

    • Sorry but I want The Simpsons and I want them now. The only local content I see advertised are reality programs which I would never watch and are a load of rubbish!

    • What local content? The hours and hours of reality content with a smidgen of local drama. There is some really good overseas drama that local budgets couldn’t dream of making and there is something to be said about variety. Overseas content doesn’t rate because its been treated poorly for years by the commercials. They damaged it.

  3. I think the us fox network (not Foxtel) is just grumpy that they paid $200 million for the rights to the FIFA World Cup to not have team USA make it and now they’re trying to recoup their losses.

  4. Talk about a knee capping by FOX. TEN creditors (mainly staff and CBS) vote against Murdoch/Gordon in favour of CBS deal, so Lachie punishes them by removing a significant junk of their network’s content. The likely winners here will be Foxtel (who’ll likely pick up first run rights to everything) and Seven and Nine (who will cherry pick some second run rights only to air them around midnight anyway).

  5. I’ve been waiting for American Horror Story and 11 usually fast track it so this may be the reason we haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for the updates David.

  6. Really disappointing, the whole family loves Bob’s Burgers and after Eleven started the new season ten months after the US, new eps have now stopped halfway through. All these shows have vanished from Tenplay too, which they could have at least warned about.

  7. Is it possible a streaming service like Stan could pick up any of these shows ? Also This Is Us …. didn’t Amazon sign a global deal for 200 countries for this show not that long ago …

  8. Dummy spit by the Murdoch’s that is for sure. They know their grab for TEN is over. I worked for TEN in my last 17 working years and have seen it go down the drain since the Billionaire boys from Australia seriously hampered its progress. Glad it didn’t work 🙂
    CBS may do much better as CanWest had a much more successful network when that Canadian giant owned TEN. So welcome CBS and please fix TEN Network quickly with some decent programming. I look forward to it 🙂
    Foxtel will show what TEN can’t any longer, so I will still have access with the packages we have. We enjoy our Foxtel. On boring nights we watch Foxtel and SBS30 or SBS31. I don’t care about most shows on Nine and Seven is rubbish now as well apart from AFL coverage.
    Sad state of affairs and a huge shake up is needed. Our sanity buffer is Foxtel for $60 a month we get very good value and in the school holidays we…

  9. That’s disappointing, but also expected. I’m still conceerned about where the new x-files episodes will be aired, and when. The last season didn’t have great ratings on TEN, it didn’t help that it was delayed, I can’t see other networks jumping on it. I’d be happy for foxtel to get it, or any streaming service, as long as there’s no delay. Did you see the cliff hanger they left us on?! Come to your senses 10!

  10. Well that solves the missing M*A*S*H mystery. Eleven’s “animation fixation” will have a few holes.
    Cutting off a source of revenue seems like a touch of sour grapes by the Murdoch’s. The TEN upfronts will be interesting.

  11. This would be a good opportunity for Foxtel, many of these shows get already get second run on Foxtel, and a couple like Fresh off the Boat are already first run titles for them. Most of these shows rate well under 500k and run on Eleven anyway (with the possible exception of This is Us & The X-Files).

  12. 21C Fox, which L Murdoch is co-executive chair off, has refused to accept an offer from Ten, while L Murdoch is trying to use the courts to seize control of Ten after he was out bid by CBS? who’d have thunk it. Exclusive first run rights to Modern Family, This is Us and maybe The X-Files have some value to FTA, though none are rating great. Ten has already sold the first run right to Empire to Foxtel and this where a lot of them will likely end up unless Fox accepts that they worth much anymore.

  13. I do not thinnk Fox should be doing this. I think fox should let ten keep the shows because I like This is us and Modern family on ten not foctel

  14. I’m really missing Simpsons as I’ve grown up with it always being on TV. Modern Family is a program my parents and I enjoyed watching together. Seeing Raymond all the time is giving me headaches. Could this affect Gogglebox?

      • timmydownawell

        If Gogglebox doesn’t stream live on Tenplay tonight I will believe this is the reason. Maybe it was an error/oversight last week but we’ll find out tonight. Under their previous agreement I believe it was made available as catchup for one day only after airing, so it already had tight licencing restrictions.

          • I watched Gogglebox on tenplay last week?? It was there on the Saturday morning last week

          • timmydownawell

            @MuchoTB My point is it was not streamed *live*, as it has been for the past couple of years. Previously though I had heard it was only available as a catchup show for 24 hours only, but maybe that has changed more recently.

          • timmydownawell

            Well they did it again. The moment The Bachelorette ended they cut the stream. Since they have streamed Gogglebox live for the last couple of years I really don’t think it’s coincidental that they have ceased streaming it the moment they have a dispute with Fox.

          • timmydownawell

            Because you don’t cite any source nor reason to back up your claim that it’s unrelated to the Ten/Fox stoush.

          • Foxtel and TEN own Gogglebox produced by Shine Endemol. It is not owned nor distributed by 20th Television / 20th Century Fox Television. It isn’t even a US show! Closing this topic.

  15. Fox didn’t like the umpire’s decision so they are taking their bat and their ball and going home. I stopped doing that by the time I was eight.

    I second Sully’s excellent compliment.

  16. A lot of those shows have separate free to air and pay TV deals, meaning most already air on Foxtel. So unless Foxtel are going to pay for all television exclusive rights in a bulk deal, it seems likely Seven and Nine would swoop for key titles, as Seven did with new Big Bang Theory when Nine dumped its WB deal. Modern Family on Seven and The Simpsons on 9Go wouldn’t seem all that out of place.

    • Nine still has the exclusive first run rights to TBBT, after they dropped their WB output deal, and can show them and repeat them until those expire. Seven paid $16m to WB for older episodes that Nine no longer has the rights, just as viewers got sick of them. They have been desperately trying to recoup their losses by repeating them 24/7 ever since. Nine is the one who is laughing.

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