The Living Room: Oct 13

This week on The Living Room, Chris Brown is in Ho Chi Minh City while Miguel visits Tamworth’s famed Country Music festival.

Travel with Chris Brown: Cu Chi Tunnels
Vietnam is a beautiful country renowned for its picturesque countryside, delicious food and friendly people but it is also a country that has suffered from many years of conflict. In Ho Chi Minh city, Chris visits the War Remnants Museum before heading up the Saigon River to enter the famous Cu Chi Tunnels. is a moving experience unlike anything Chris has ever experienced.

Renovation Rescue with Barry Du Bois: Laundry
With the arrival of son, Ashton ten months ago, first time Mum, Corrine is desperate for a functional laundry. The current laundry in her home in Engadine, NSW is a long cramped room, separated by three doors. While it has some open shelving there is no bench space so folding clothes and sorting bibs is happening on the laundry floor. Barry comes to the rescue and not only helps Corrine with a new laundry but also shows how simple storage and hidden hanging ideas can transform a cramped space into a spacious laundry.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Tamworth Produce
Miguel visits the home of Australian Country Music for their big 10-day Country Music festival. He soon discovers that there is a lot more to Tamworth than just the music scene. Country music star, Adam Brand, takes Miguel on a tour through his favourite town to explore the amazing fresh produce on offer before Miguel returns the favour showing Adam how to cook up a country feast of baked trout and vegetables.

Money with Jason Cunningham: Car Finance
Owning a car is a huge financial commitment, not just in terms of the upfront costs of purchasing, but to keep the car running. Registration, insurance, repairs, fuel – it all accumulates to many thousands of dollars a year. Financial expert Jason Cunningham has some advice to help.

7:30pm Friday on TEN.

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