Airdate: Valor

Update: US drama on special ops helicopter pilots in Somalia is rescheduled for November.

Update: Well it seems I was not remiss after all….

ELEVEN has now confirmed it did not screen Valor on Monday night after all. It is now scheduled to begin on Thursday November 9.

Valor centres around special ops helicopter pilots the Shadow Raiders, on mission in Somalia.

This began in the US last week.

An elite unit of US Army helicopter pilots, the Shadow Raiders, are sent on a top secret mission to Somalia. The mission goes horrifically wrong and only two of the members, Nora and Gallo, return safely while the whereabouts of their comrade Jimmy is unknown.

Back home safely, Nora and Gallo are the only ones who know the full truth about the incident in Somalia.

Whilst Nora and Gallo are recovering from their failed mission in Somalia, they receive news that their missing comrade Jimmy is alive and is being held captive by a group of callous terrorists. They immediately commence preparations for the rescue mission, and soon find themselves growing closer together. Before long, Nora and Gallo begin to find themselves torn between their duties, and intense desire for one another. Will they be able to put this aside and rescue Jimmy safely?

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  1. I suspect that no-one on Ten would be able to say what they screened or what is planned on Eleven or One at the moment. Right now their schedule and EPG is a hot steaming mess TBA’s, random repeats and tired rejects at random times and dates without reference to any ability to garner ratings, if I was an advertiser and wanted to hide my product from the entire general public then I would book advertising space on One/Eleven…

    1. It is on CW and getting a .3 rating for 18-49 year olds.


      So it is in an iffy, rather than a catastrophic situation.

    2. The CW doesn’t make backup shows so Valor will run for the episodes ordered at least. And whether or not something is renewed on the CW has more to do with overseas sales and streaming deals than ratings. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has soldiered on with 0.2s and will likely get a 4th season to take it into syndication. Dynasty will likely be renewed despite doing no better because there’s a Netflix deal.

      1. Frequency was an excellent CW show that I watched via Netflix Australia, but that didn’t stop it from getting axed. Dynasty will be axed too, first episode was awful. Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin only get renewed because of the critical acclaim and awards, and this season they were shafted to the Friday death slot

        1. I gave frequency 3 or 4 eps but couldn’t continue. Whilst the storyline wasn’t bad the daughter and father lead weren’t that watchable. Even deeply flawed lead characters need to be somewhat likeable. The other netflix weeklies designated survivor and shooter first seasons were much better (I know they are made by other networks but feel more comparable to the type of show frequency was then the other cw shows mentioned.) The cw is also a more younger skewing network and frequency just didn’t seem to fit it. I really enjoy jane the virgin.

  2. Just checked tenplay and the first episode is not there which seems quite odd for them to not have digital rights. Actually the valor page on tenplay is very bare bones.

    Its not the first time ten have buggered up their premiere dates. Are you sure its actually aired?

  3. Valor has the strangest viewer ratings on IMDB I have ever seen. imdb.com/title/tt6503244/ratings?ref_=tt_ov_rt

    Ratings are always a bell curve, sometimes with a peak at 1 if a subculture is especially offended by something. These ratings are flat with one spike at 10 and a larger spike at 1.

    This is the closest evidence of aliens or sentient machines I have ever seen, because humans just don’t produce these results.

    1. This is why survey participants should be randomly chosen sample from a population rather than self-selected. A significant proportion of the people who bothered to go to this show’s page to vote will be those who hold a strong opinion so you tend to end up with an upside-down bell curve.

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