Which Aussie stars are trying their luck in LA right now?

The Australian in Film Awards will be held next week in Los Angeles. Patrick Brammall (No Activity, Glitch) has hosting duties.

The guest list offers a little insight into some of those who are on the ground pursuing (but not all of them) which I thought would be worth sharing. It includes a few international folk who clearly love the gumleaf mafia:

Abbie Cornish, Candy, Sucker Punch, Limitless
Jessica MacNamee, Battle of the Sexes, CHiPS, The Vow
Lucy Fry, Wolf Creek, Mako: Island of Secrets
Matt Levett, A Place To Call Home, The Secret Daughter
Natasha Bassett, Britney Ever After
Greg Maclean, Director, Wolf Creek
Taika Waititi, Director, Thor: Ragnarok, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Gracie Otto, Director, Writer, Producer Candy Crush, The Last Impresario
Greg Berlanti, Producer, Riverdale, Green Lantern, Blindspot, Arrow
Josh Lawson, Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story
Damon Herrimon, Secret City, Justified, upcoming The Nightingale
Emile de Ravin, Lost, Once Upon a Time
Hugh Sheridan, Packed to the Rafters, House Husbands
Liam McIntyre, Spartacus
Devon Terrell, Barry
Emma Freeman, Director, Offspring, Puberty Blues, Glitch
Jeffrey Walker, Director, Modern Family, Ali’s Wedding
Daniel McPherson, Strike Back, Wild Boys
Zoe Ventura, Packed to the Rafters, Wild Boys
Ashleigh Cummings, Puberty Blues
Mojean Aria, Heath Ledger Scholarship recipient, Dead Lucky
Ashleigh Brewer, The Bold and the Beautiful
Jenni Baird, A Place to Call Home, Backtrack
Michael Petroni, Director, Backtrack
Poppy Montgomery, Without a Trace, Unforgettable
Aaron Jakubenko, The Shannara Chronicles
Kate Marks, President of Australians in Film

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