Wisdom of the Crowd: trailer

New US drama starring Jeremy Piven, coming to TEN's Sundays in early November.

TEN is teasing new US drama Wisdom of the Crowd, starring Jeremy Piven, coming to Sundays in early November.

The CBS series launched in the US earlier this month to 8.8m viewers.

TEN is yet to confirm an airtime.

The hit new US drama series Wisdom Of The Crowd starring Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor Jeremy Piven (Entourage, Mr Selfridge) as visionary tech innovator Jeffrey Tanner is coming to TEN and WIN Network on Sunday 5 November.

Inspired by the notion that a million minds are better than one, Tanner, a brilliant Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, creates a cutting-edge, online crowdsourcing hub called Sophe to help solve his daughter Mia’s murder.

Convinced the police have convicted and incarcerated the wrong person, Tanner announces the launch of the revolutionary real-time, crime solving app as the one-year anniversary of Mia’s death looms.

Bolstered by the possibility of Sophe finding clues to his daughter’s murder and the identity of the real killer, combined with the opportunity to solve other crimes in the process, Tanner recruits Detective Tommy Cavanaugh (Richard T. Jones, Why Did I Get Married?), the original cop who was unceremoniously dumped from his daughter’s case, to assist him.

Working alongside them is skilled engineer Sara Morton (Natalia Tena, Games Of Thrones), talented programmer Josh Novak (Blake Lee, Parks And Recreation) and tech genius and expert hacker Tariq Bakari (Jake Matthews).

Not everyone, however, is happy with the billionaire’s new invention. Concerned that Tanner’s obsession has gone too far is his successful ex-wife, Congresswoman Alex Hale (Monica Potter, Con Air, Parenthood). The pair share an unbreakable bond over their grief, but is Tanner’s quest for justice too much?

As Tanner and his team tap into the wisdom of the crowd, could their vigilante app cause more trouble than good?

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