2018 Upfronts: ELEVEN / ONE

Highlights include A-League, Neighbours, The Loop & The Late Late Show.

Here is the Upfronts statement from TEN about their two multichannels.


After increasing audience share in its target market of men 25 and older during 2017, ONE will continue to bring viewers strong, factual programming, together with new action and retro movies, more true crime and the best sporting action with the Hyundai A-League and MotoGP.

With brand new Countdown to Murder, Vanity Fair Confidential, Forensics and Homicide: Hours to Kill, ONE is the multi-channel destination for gripping real-life crime stories.

Successful factual series such as Car Crash Global and Rocky Mountain Railroad are back, along with dramas Scorpion, MacGyver and NCIS, plus a host of Sir David Attenborough specials.


ELEVEN enjoyed another successful year in 2017 in its heartland of people aged 16 to 39 and that success will continue in 2018. Australia’s longest-running serial drama, Neighbours, kickstarts ELEVEN’s early evening block, before classic comedy takes over, including the iconic sitcom Will & Grace.

A selection of new and hilarious stand-up comedy shows and a brand new series of Australia’s premier music show, The Loop, are coming to ELEVEN in 2018, along with favourites including Supernatural, Frasier, Rules of Engagement, Everybody Loves Raymond, Sex and the City, contemporary family, comedy and romantic movies, and the show that introduced the social phenomenon of carpool karaoke, The Late Late Show With James Corden.

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  1. more of the same but this time around it’s less, now they don’t have Fox titles. and how many of these standup comedy specials do they have? how many can they are before running out. they should aquire more CW/WB shows that Foxtel air like those superhero ones. air Supernatural on Mondays as normal, and then each of the others Tuesday to Friday. at the moment Eleven are airing movies and comedy specials. they should at least air some new sitcoms and not air them on Ten, do a Wednesday comedy lineup like they did with Animation fixation. Supernatural is all they have, no more Sleepy Hollow either. they love airing the Scream movies, how about the Scream TV series?! there’s so many shows out there not on FTA, they should at least try something new for a change. it’s a new year after all.

    1. Its definitely hurt their new content but so far the shares haven’t been too hurt thanks to lack of competition from other stations. Perhaps Eleven could do some local versions of Beauty and the Geek or something similar and cheap. Its weekends are just Encores of Encores.
      I also think if they could trial Hollyoaks at 6pm it’d pair very nicely with Neighbours. Maybe an Encore of B&B at 5:30. 90 mins of cheap soap.
      Interesting they don’t mention Neighbours airing all year or any primetime specials :-/

  2. No new content, just returning content – and far from all of it given the loss of Fox titles (e.g. no Rosewood on One, and given it’s now cancelled the second season will likely never air unless Ten get another output deal). Looks like I’ll only be recording and watching later Scorpion, MacGyver, Elementary and Empire…oh wait, scratch the last one.

  3. Eleven us my ‘Go To’ channel when l just want background comedy. Yes seen them countless of times but good comedy never gets old, look at Mash, Cheers, etc. The writing and character blending is so good.

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