24 to reboot with female?

US action drama 24 could be rebooted once again, this time with a female lead character but outside of the world of terrorism.

TV Line reports the new 24 would be set in the justice system and follow a prosecutor who uncovers a conspiracy against a death row inmate she helped convict and races against time to save him from execution.

The last season saw a reboot with Corey Hawkins replacing Kiefer Sutherland, but without much success.

FOX is said to be thinking about turning the franchise into an anthology that follows new characters and problems with each season, with everything tied together by the ticking clock mechanic.

FOX president of entertainment David Madden said at this year’s Television Critics Association summer press tour, “We want to take that same kind of ticking clock, incredible urgency, real-time storytelling format and apply it to something else.

“So the next version of 24 will probably not be CTU … it will be some other venue using that same style but exploring [something] different.”

Not entirely real-time of course. Nobody ever sleeps, eats, has a coffee, goes to the toilet or hits traffic jams…


  1. For pity’s sake! Leave the show alone. They tried to reboot it with Legacy and it failed. People want 24 with Jack Bauer otherwise there’s no point!

  2. jezza the first original one

    As much as I like 24, especially the early series, it became too formulaic, predictable and unrealistic. My take on it would to reboot it as 24/7 allowing the storyline to develop around the clock over 7 days

  3. seantheaussie

    Too late. After abandoning the original series, I was highly impressed with 24: Live Another Day. Yvonne Strahovski had an awful lot to do with that. She should have led the reboot which was really substandard. I am not going to trust 24 with any more of my valuable time.

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