ABC KIDS extending to 7:30pm

As part of the new ABC Comedy channel rebrand, ABC KIDS programming is extending for an extra half hour.

As part of the move, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and Shaun The Sheep will now be seen at the later times of 7.05pm and 7.20pm, around 30 minutes later than at present (which is likely to trigger a parental response from those trying to get kids to bed!).

From Monday 4 December, ABC KIDS will air daily from 5.00am until 7.30pm.

School Story Time returns nightly at 6.55pm with another collection of loved stories read by an exciting array of story tellers.

Hoot’s Lullaby will air at 7.25pm, or you can watch it any time on ABC KIDS iview. And in place of the 7pm Lullaby in December we will play all new episodes of Play School Story Time, offering a bedtime story book by some of your favourite Australians, nightly at 6.55pm. Includes a new series of Play School Story Time.

For those who wish to maintain 7pm as the end of their TV day, join Big Ted, Little Ted, Jemima and Humpty as they snuggle in on the Story Time couch for another collection of loved stories read by an exciting array of story-tellers, including Jack Charles, Lawrence Leung, Emma Alberici, Casey Donovan and Kumi Taguchi. Play School Story Time returns at 6.55pm nightly. Play School Story Time is an ABC Production.


  1. Given that we’re now at daylight saving time, it seems sensible to extend ABC Kids by half an hour, so it’s closer to dusk. Currently, we say good night to Jimmy Giggle and Hoot while the sun is still in the sky.

  2. I always thought 7pm was too late – but it is easy enough to say “no more” to kids and get them away from the TV when you need to. If you have Foxtel, the kids channels are 24-7 anyway.

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