Airdate: Before We Die

New Swedish drama Before We Die premieres next Tuesday on SBS.

This centres around the disappearance of  a police officer conducting an undercover investigation of a motorcycle club.

This is a 10 part series which has already aired at SBS On Demand. This premiered in Europe in January.

When police officer Hanna (Marie Richardson, Beck, Blue Eyes) – a fading star in the organised crime unit of Stockholm Police – receives news her lover and colleague has been abducted, she must take over his undercover investigation of a criminal biker gan g as well as protect an infiltrator.

The problem is Hanna’s son, Christian (Adam Palsson, The Bridge, Arne Dahl) is involved – the same son that Hanna herself arrested for drug – related offences and estranged in the process

To prevent a brutal takeover in the criminal underworld, she must fight for her son’s life and break another family to save her own.

Tuesday November 21
Season One, Episode One: (11.00pm)
Two years after Hanna arrested her son for selling narcotics, the two are estranged. When Hanna’s colleague and lover Sven disappears, she discovers he’s been running a secret investigation into a criminal enterprise. A brutal and fiendish plan to gain power is about to happen in the underworld, and Inez is Hanna’s only chance to stop it.

Episode Two: (12.10am)
Hanna’s pursuit of Sven’s kidnappers doesn’t end well. Hanna attempts to get information from an infiltrator named Inez, who might lead to Sven. Christian is more involved with the Mimica family’s business, but a new assignment nearly shatters him.

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