Airdate: Secrets of China’s Forbidden City

This week’s SBS show with the word “Secrets” in the title is Secrets of China’s Forbidden City, a doco which looks at Beijing’s Imperial Palace.

This is a Channel 4 doco that aired in the UK in July.

Beijing’s vast Imperial Palace – known as the Forbidden City – is one of mankind’s greatest historic and architectural icons, and the world’s biggest residential building. It’s a bewildering maze of hidden secrets and unexpected legends, closed for hundreds of years to the outside world – until now. This special access documentary reveals the secrets about how and why the city was built, and what extraordinary events went on inside its walls.

Using the latest archaeological and historic discoveries, combined with 3D CGI and drama, Secrets of China’s Forbidden City focuses on the foundation of the city, and the period from 1403 and 1424 as China changed beyond recognition as the Ming Emperor Yongle manoeuvred his way to the throne, created his palace in Beijing and opened up the nation to new ideas, cultures and customs. The Forbidden City was the ultimate symbol of unflinching Imperial authority. Built by a usurper, it was a miracle of design, technology and control, whose strength, mystery and beauty nevertheless makes it an icon of longevity and power.

Now, its secrets are finally revealed.

Sunday, 26 November at 7.30pm on SBS.

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