Airdate: Secrets of the Chinese Chariot.

Another SBS doco with “secrets” in the title this weekend is the history special Secrets of the Chinese Chariot.

The chariot is just about the only thing the Chinese didn’t invent, but for over 1,000 years, chariots thundered across China’s battlefields, dominating warfare far longer than anywhere else on earth, and unifying the nation.

A team of experts discover exactly how the Chinese perfected the ultimate high – status weapon of the ancient world. With exclusive access to superb archaeological discoveries, beautifully preserved chariots from the height of Chinese chariot warfare have been unearthed – complete with sacrificed charioteers, horses and chariots that reveal every detail of their design.

Expert coach – builders and charioteers combine to build and battle – test two prototypes to destruction, from metal wheel hubs to harnesses and suspension, to discover exactly what it was that made them the weapon that unified China.

Sunday, 19 November at 7.30 pm on SBS.

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