Allegations pile up against Don Burke

More women have come forward to level allegations against former Burke’s Backyard host Don Burke, after revelations from Fairfax and ABC.

A Current Affair said it had received further complaint since its Monday night interview, in which the host denied key allegations.

One of those was ACA reporter Alison Piotrowski (pictured), previously a radio producer at 2UE where Burke worked.

She recalled working with him for an outside broadcast at the Easter Show.

“I got held up at security, I was late and by the time I arrived, Don tore shreds off me for being late.

“But then half an hour later, he came up to me and said all was forgiven because I had a great arse,” she said.

“I later reported it to the management as inappropriate and was told that I didn’t have to work with him anymore.

“But I certainly wasn’t the only young female producer who was put in a position like this.

“There were plenty of other girls who went through far more confronting experiences at 2UE compared to what I experienced.”

7:30 also returned to the scandal with more stories.

Journalist Amanda Pepe flew from Broken Hill to Sydney after Burke allegedly invited her to Sydney to take up a role in a new upcoming program.

“The conversation was very sexually charged and all of his conversation for the entire time we were together was talking about his sexual exploits, other people he’d slept with, how they’d reacted,” she claims.

“The intent was very clear that he expected to have sex, that he’d paid for the room, that I more or less owed it to him, and it was very uncomfortable.”

Fairfax reporter Kate McClymont told ABC since the story broke she has received hundreds of emails and phone messages.

“There’s been a complete avalanche of information. I’ve never actually experienced anything like this,” she said.

“A former MP has said they had to complain about his behaviour at an Australia Day ceremony.

“But a lot of them are former workers who worked at Burke’s Backyard. It’s interesting that the pattern of complaints is very very similar. Relentless bullying, harassment and just making women feel small an unvalued.”

Burke has denied allegations.

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