Bumped: Secret Daughter moves to Wednesday

I guess this is what you call a good problem to have…

Seven has rescheduled The Secret Daughter, originally due to return next Tuesday night, to Wednesdays, following the success of The Good Doctor.

The Freddie Highmore show pulled up the biggest numbers for a US drama in years. So much so that Seven has wisely opted to keep it on Tuesdays (a second episode still plays tonight).

But that has meant the Jessica Mauboy series moves to 8:45pm Wednesdays, where it will compete against Gruen as well as give TEN’s new Sisters added headaches.

The Grand Tour moves to 9:45pm and Chicago Fire to 11:15pm as a result.

Update: The Jonathan Ross Show is out of schedule after just one episode.


  1. Secret daughter now set for 8:53pm. Seven would want to hope instant hotel does well or Secret Daughter is in for slump not finishing til just before 10pm

  2. Seven struggled with nothing working against The Block and The Bachelorette, and The Grand Tour hasn’t done well. Fortunately they’ve gotten The Good Doctor. 8 episodes have been scheduled in the US so far, and they may as well strike while the iron is hot. It will help them compete against Nine and boost their advertising rates for 2018.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Oh good grief….here we go….Should have know better than to invest my time in The Good Doctor….The Jonathan Ross Show or anything…full stop…on commercial networks…Not Happy!

  4. So The Jonathan Ross Show is out next Wednesday night. Also why can’t ch7 put The Grand Tour on 7mate at 7.30pm as it’s getting later and later to watch.

    • If they put it on 73 it would be competing against Instant Hotel, and they would get a lot less viewers for The Grand Tour. Later is better for me, easier to DVR Rosehaven and The Grand Tour.

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