Dream run for Seven, big week for ABC.

It’s been a while since this happened: last week Seven won in network, primary, multichannel, demos, every night and every city.

Thanks largely to the Melbourne Cup and The Good Doctor -together with light competition from Nine & TEN- the numbers fell in their favour.

But it was also a week in which viewers shunned 7:30 shows on commercial TV and flocked to ABC. The public broadcaster beat’s Nine’s primary channel on Sunday and the whole network on Monday,

Seven: 31.5
Nine: 25.6
ABC: 19.2
TEN: 16.1
SBS: 7.5

Primary channel:
Seven: 21.0
Nine: 17.2
ABC: 13.9
TEN: 10.4
SBS: 5.3

7mate: 4.6
7TWO: 3.9
9GO!: 3.5
ABC2: 3.3
ONE: 2.9
9GEM: 2.6
9Life: 2.2
7flix: 2.0
ABC News: 1.5
SBS Food Network / SBS VICELAND: 1.0
ABC ME: 0.6
NITV: 0.2

Seven won the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won every night of the week. ABC bettered Nine on Monday and TEN on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.

Seven won all 5 cities.

Best brands last week were:

Seven: Melbourne Cup (1.82m), The Good Doctor (Tues: 1.19m), Seven News (924,000) and The Wall (719,000).

Nine: Nine News (852,000), A Current Affair (724,000), RBT (683,000) and 60 Minutes (589,000).

ABC: Doc Martin (997,000), The Doctor Blake Mysteries (885,000), ABC News (Sun: 876,000) and Australian Story (872,000).

TEN: Have You Been Paying Attention? (635,000), Gogglebox (589,000), The Graham Norton Show (484,000) and Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food (446,000).

SBS: Great British Railway Journeys (358,000), Great American Railroad Journeys (330,000), Insight (307,000), Birth of Empire: The East India India Company (273,000).

Including this week just 3 more ratings weeks remain in 2017.


  1. David, I saw today that there’s just 0.1% separating Seven and Nine’s main channels in year-to-date share! This could be the closest and most intriguing publicity battle ever. Will be good to keep an eye on it.

    Even though network share is the standard and should be (encompassing all viewing/channels) and Seven have that in the bag for an 11th year running, main channel is still a huge bragging right. If Nine’s main channel win, they can use “Channel 9 is Number 1” and claim their tentpole shows were biggest, leading to that, also making publicity complicated for Seven. Whereas if Seven’s main channel comes back and wins, it’ll make Q4 look like a fail for Nine and dampen what has been an impressive year for them, also stopping potentially their best publicity in 10 years.

  2. Judging by the Promo/Ad ratio I’d say that Nine are already in the silly season. The cupboard must be bare when an “encore” of Big Bang is only an hour after the original ep.

  3. Huge result for Seven, that’s for sure, including the margin in both network (especially) and main channel shares.

    A fantastic week for the ABC too, embarrasing for Nine and Ten.

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