Fetch TV joins anti-piracy push

Fetch TV is joining forces with the anti-piracy group Australian Screen Association as an associate member.

ASA members, who include Village Roadshow, Walt Disney, Co. Universal, Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros & 20th Century Fox, have previously revealed they would start suing individual pirates for copyright infringement.

“Fetch TV is a strong supporter of the ASA initiatives designed to address the piracy epidemic in Australia, and welcomes the opportunity to contribute as an Associate Member,” Fetch TV CEO Scott Lorson said.

“We look forward to working with the ASA and its members on targeted and effective strategies to improve the prospects of all legitimate players in the creative industries.”

The ASA brought a landmark court case against iiNet alleging it authorised piracy by failing to stop customers from illegally downloading movies. The ASA lost the case and an appeal to the High Court in 2012.

Source: Lifehacker


  1. I don’t have a Fetch TV but as a consumer product in a competitive market I would believe Fetch TV would want to keep its potential buyers on side before expanding any agreements with big business entertainment companies. The veiled threat of the random use of litigation even as an example of corporation power has the potential to be a PR disaster as the negative publicity when it develops would dissuade future purchases of their commercial products including DVD’s by a fair number of erstwhile pirates.

    • Can understand Fetch TV doing it though, when they have things like Mr Robot, Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, Gotham, Suits and etc., as shows you can buy and watch and at the same time as they are on in the US it’s their bread and butter.

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