Georgie Gardner returns to Today

Georgie Gardner is returning to Today to co-host alongside Karl Stefanovic.

Gardner, who departed Nine’s breakfast show in 2014, returns from next year.

She was the hot favourite for the role following the departure of Lisa Wilkinson, although reports earlier this month had ruled her out of contention due to family.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Today team,” she said, “It is one of the few roles of this calibre on Australian television, it’s not lost on me what a huge honour and great privilege it is. It’s come at the right time in terms of where my family is at, and I have their full support. It’s an amazing opportunity, I’m really excited to be back working alongside the most talented team in the business, and reconnecting with Today viewers.”

Karl Stefanovic said: “It’s great to have Georgie back. I think the best thing about her, is her heart. Viewers know she cares. She is connected to what other mums are going through and really feels for them – and she’s got a wicked sense of humour. She’s also very committed to making sure information is right, in an age where it’s not in a lot of news sources, that’s a great attribute to have.”

Nine Network Director of Morning Television, Mark Calvert, said: “There’s no better person on Australian TV than Georgie. Ever since she left, viewers have been asking me when she’s coming back. Well here she is, and I couldn’t be happier. She’s the total package: a brilliant broadcaster, a great journalist and a top woman.”


  1. Nine obviously threw the cheque book at her. It’s no secret she isn’t a fan of Stefanovic, and they were upfront about that during the announcement. Hopefully Deb Knight now becomes Nine’s number two newsreader. She is a massive talent.

  2. I’m sorry, but this press release reeks of desperation. I love Georgie, but the “best person on television” comment comes across as very juvenile…

  3. Can’t help but think this is almost step back for Georgie! Love her tho! Feel bad for Deb Knight as she did do an amazing job the past few weeks! Will be interesting to see how the ratings fare next year….i have a feeling Mr Pell of Sunrise needs to think of some freshening up to maintain dominance! Maybe Matt Doran & Edwina B as hosts!

  4. You would think they could have waited one more day to announce it. Even though she would’ve known, I still felt sorry for Deb especially when they turned around and said Happy Birthday as an afterthought. Put a downer on it for me. I always had a feeling Karl wasn’t too keen on Deb. I also wonder if networks leak news like this earlier to get a gauge on what the general viewers think of it before the actual announcement. In this case it was a great decision I think.

    • They already knew people wanted her.the 9 boss Said That people kept asking when she’s coming back? That’s why they paid her big money and begged her to return despite the fact they knew she had kids and didn’t want to work those hours anymore. They obviously think she’s there only chance in the ratings against sunrise

  5. I think she’s a great choice and Nine will be very happy with themselves. I feel the “There’s no better person on Australian TV than Georgie” comment is a bit of a low blow, not just to Lisa, but to Nine’s other talent. It feels a little juvenile, almost like “you can have Lisa, we have Georgie na na na na na”

  6. I’d love to know what they are paying here, She is tough as nails so I wouldn’t expect her to sign back up unless it was very close to Karl Today show pay slip.

  7. love Georgie Gardner.
    Will she still do the news for nine in sydney and will she also still do the occasion reporting for 60mins.
    cant wait for her to back as narrator for MAFS

  8. I trust she will be truly brilliant in the role. I say that because I’ll never be watching the show as usual. Can’t stand Karl, the forced act of just mates laughing around the “news” desk together, the cringeworthy cash giveaways etc.

  9. Well done Channel Nine. One class act – Lisa – followed by another class act – Georgie. Both whip-smart, feisty and down-to-earth women who stand up for themselves and don’t put up with any nonsense while performing their roles with class and style.

  10. Exactly how is this “taking the show in a new direction” as previously stated?
    Gardner is the best choice by far, but the comments between Karl and her this morning indicates a steady as she goes approach to 2018

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