1. I guess they’re somewhat fortunate that there’s not enough episodes to air twice a week and kill the golden goose, like they did with Once Upon a Time and How to Get Away with Murder.

  2. Be interesting to see how The second episode of The Doctor fairs this Thursday night at 8:30pm after the 1.5 hours of Home and Away, though at least it should start relatively in time.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I was on SBS last night…but other distractions…so left The Good Doctor for today…but I will never do PLUS7 ever again….I will watch real time tomorrow night….And I loved it!

    • They mentioned her absence in the first episode of this season. Maria Bello has the joined the cast in what I’m assuming is her place and she begins in next Tuesday’s episode.

  4. Is this the end for the Big Bang Theory with those numbers? I don’t know if it is just me, but this and last season has been pretty lame. I fail to see how Young Sheldon will do well, as he is the most annoying character and a younger version will be even worse.

  5. Tried The Wall last night. Found myself fast forwarding straight to questions, avoiding back stories, avoiding the constant repetition of calling “big money” every time a ball was dropping, and gave up after watching half the show in 10 minutes. Love question and answer style game shows but am really over lengthy back stories, over the top contestant reactions and long drawn out segments.

    Wish we could have Sale of The Century / Temptation back! Half hour, quick questions and lots of them.

    • That’s why I like (both versions of) The Chase. Lots of questions, I learn something new, quickfire rounds, and they don’t even ask what people might do with their winnings.

    • I didn’t watch it this time. Though feel I should, because I just want to see what happens and people said last night was a bit better. To be easily winning its timeslot, must be somewhat popular. Goes to show social media means nothing when it comes to ratings.

      • It’s not going to be for everyone. It’s more luck based than actual knowledge, can feel drawn out at times and the reactions to the ball drops can be over-the-top.

        It’s doing well in its timeslot, and I guess you could argue it has very little competition, but people would have to somewhat interested otherwise they wouldn’t watch at all.

  6. I wonder if Seven will reconsider shifting the show to Thursday nights?? Seems a bizarre decision to me. I highly doubt The Secret Daughter will be able to pull those numbers next week.

    • The Secret Daughter was the No. 1 new drama last year. Seven probably consider Australian content higher priority for a night earlier in the week with other rating programs, rather than an overseas show and a dead Thursday. Positive for them is, The Good Doctor rated.

  7. I really enjoyed the good doctor. I did cry at parts of the story but I thought it was great and it will be good to watch something decent on a Thursday night.

    7 have finally got some good dramas back especially with the secret daughter back on next week.

  8. The Good Doctor. Well written, good acting, good premise. In short, great show. Caught end of The Wall while waiting. OMG, those questions were so hard. “What’s the capital of New Zealand?”. Now take 30-secs to think about that. “Christchurch!”. ?

  9. Why Ten persists with Jamie Oliver in prime time is bewildering to me. None of his shows rates and I would think best suited to afternoons or weekends or on a multichannel. This is bad programming to me.

    • As suggested recently, I may actually watch their 4pm cooking show with MasterChef’s Matt Sinclair if they swapped it to 7:30pm with Jamie Oliver moved. At least Matt’s recipes look more relevant, perhaps going as far to say actually edible. According to the New York Daily News, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine criticised Oliver’s recipes as, “eating a meatball sandwich is more unhealthy than eating a McDonald’s Big Mac. The ingredients include ground beef, pancetta, cheese, and bread, which ultimately “double the calories, cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat” of a Big Mac.

  10. I don’t get why the ABC started Screen Time now. We are entering the season of dumb Hollywood blockbusters and cricket. #1 had a piece on Girls and Sex In The City with a tenuous connection to Broad City. #2 reviewed The Deuce which had only 1 ep left to air in S1. And it’s not hard to figure out what Thor done as a sitcom was going to be like.

    • ABC has largely struggled with 8pm content this year (Hard Quiz going well), not just in ratings but in actual content. I’m feeling that reviewing niche shows should put this into a later slot, say 9:30. Gruen has the magic touch of broad appeal because we’ve all seen the ads. But not even Showcase viewers are avid over The Deuce yet. Maybe if they had done Outlander instead.

  11. I’m so so happy it did well. Its such a great show. I’m a little worried about it moving to Thursdays though. Hope they follow it.

    The Wall still got 800k. That surprises me.

  12. Food Fight is a huge disappointment for Nine, everything considered.

    The Wall deserved the big fall, still easily more popular though.

    Loved Good Doctor, was so much better than I thought it’d be, can’t believe it smashed the demographics too.

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