1. The good doctor is the best show on tV .totally hooked .havent been hooked on a show for a long time .this s brilliant .i have to say seven’s seven plus app to watch catch up tV is the worst ever .i tried to watch previous episodes of the good doctor and was just bombarded with advertising on their streaming app 7plus more so than if I watch it on tV why so many adds on the catch up service, I gave up never again will I watch via sevens catch up service.its like five mins of add for every three mins of programme.just pathetic seven.

  2. It would seem that Australia would rather watch 10 year-old repeats of Kath and Kim than most of the content offered on TEN on a Tuesday night. So disappointing for Ten.

    Good to see stable figures for Studio Ten considering no lead in.

  3. Another good episode of the good doctor. I like how the writers have given shaun a bit of a sense of humour and sarcasm.

    The final scene was beautiful but also sad.

  4. I know that 718k isn’t earth shattering numbers, but Seven must be happy with Instant Hotel – it’s a bit of a surprising hit.
    I guess I was wrong thinking that Family Food Fight would do good numbers while Hotel would be a flop.
    Who’d want to be a programmer, huh?

  5. Australia has officially fallen in love with The Good Doctor. But, Nine will get a reprieve with the soccer tonight, possibly their only good night for the remainder of the survey and unfortunately for them miles behind Seven already for the week (let alone Thur-Sat).

  6. I stayed up late last night and watched Chicago Fire on 7. During the episode they ran a 7flix promo including a bunch of shows they made out they were currently airing. In those shows they included grey’s anatomy. Last I checked the epg no new episodes of grey’s anatomy were airing on 7flix. So that’s a big no channel 7. You can’t promote a show that viewers are eagerly waiting for and not air it. That’s just really wrong, plain and simple.

    • I thought the same – I saw the ad flash past while playing back Good Doctor and had to go rewind and go back to see if it really said “Grays Anatomy” – it did. Then checked the EPG for 7flix to make sure we had not missed anything. Still no new episodes. Don’t promote something when you’re not playing the new eps every one is waiting for. Just misleading people.

    • I am so agreeing with you! But it seems false advertising claims do not apply and self-regulation, means they get away with the dodgy practice, let alone inconsistent and late start times!

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