Grant Denyer joins in Sunrise’s 15th birthday

Nice to see Family Feud host Grant Denyer able to make an appearance on Sunrise as part of the show’s 15th birthday celebrations.

Points to both TEN and Seven for allowing the appearance, which are often shunned on Aussie TV.

“I had the best time as the weatherman on this programme for 10 years!,” he said.

“Man we did some crazy stuff,” he added, before recalling bungee jumps, skydives, and mankinis.

“I was worried one day I was going to die on television, being shot out of a cannon.”


  1. Ha the good ole days with Grant and Mel hasn’t been the same since they left . to celebrate their fifteen birthday they did the show from Gold Coast it’s like the ten thousand time they have broadcast from the Gold Coast .same old same old . the Queensland govt must be paying big dollars to sunrise. from a viewers point of view it must be so boring to watch .

  2. That was nice to see, I remember his serious injuries in I think it was 2007/2008, where a rotating panel of weather presenters filled-in (David Brown, Monique Wright and Fifi Box) for a few years. Until he returned. A lovely bloke.

    • Agreed. It should happen more often. Actors often appear on rival networks simultaneously (Lucy Durack is on Sisters and The Letdown atm) so presenters shouldn’t be any different. If it wasn’t for his fame on 7, 10 wouldn’t have employed him. Good on them.

    • Ten is more relaxed with this type of thing. On Studio 10 they regularly discuss rival network shows which doesn’t happen on other networks especially Nine. Leigh Sales was a guest on Studio 10 today also.

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