Guy Sebastian fronts new ABC music doco

WA-based series follows primary-aged students learning to play musical instruments.

Filming is underway in Perth on Don’t Stop the Music, a new ABC documentary series based on a UK format.

Sebastian acts as musical mentor, joined by music educators, for primary school students learning to play musical instruments and singing.

“I was a singing teacher in numerous schools in Adelaide and I saw first-hand how music would light up a child’s face and lift them above all the things that weigh them down. Every child deserves that,” says Sebastian.

The 3 part series from Artemis Media is currently filming in and around Perth. It has joint funding from Screen Australia and Screenwest and is backed by Musica Viva and the Salvation Army.

The school will introduce a new music program into its curriculum, using instruments donated from the wider community. The Principal’s ultimate dream: for all her students to reap the benefits of learning music and to eventually have a band to play at assembly.

Throughout the series, Guy Sebastian will encourage the students to step up and persevere with their instruments. He’ll workshop songs with them, inspiring them along the way with stories of his own musical journey. As the children sing, practice and perform together, we’ll witness the way this new approach benefits families and the community, as the school strives to establish a vibrant and sustainable culture of music.

63% of primary schools in Australia offer no classroom music. Despite 90% of parents valuing music and wanting their children to be involved, access to quality music education in schools has become highly inequitable. Recent studies have shown how incorporating music in a child’s education has life changing benefits; improving literacy, numeracy, confidence, behaviours and wellbeing.

Production Credits: An Artemis Media Production, made in association with ABC, Screen Australia, Screen West and Lotteries Commission of WA. Producer Celia Tait. Executive Producer Joan Peters. ABC Executive Producer Sally Chesher.

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