Hollywood Harassment: Louis CK, Matthew Weiner allegations

Jeremy Piven also denies further allegations levelled against him.

US comedian Louis C.K. is the latest to be thrust into the spotlight of harassment allegations in Hollywood, along with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

Five women have alleged to the New York Times the comedian exposed himself and masturbated in front of two female comedians in 2002, masturbated while speaking to a female comedian over the phone in 2003 and asked to masturbate in front of another comedian, who declined, in 2005. A fourth woman, identified only as a production employee on The Chris Rock Show, said C.K. masturbated in front of her as well.

The article was written by investigative reporter Jodi Kanter, the co-author of the Times’ Oct. 5 Harvey Weinstein story.

One woman, Rebecca Corry, was working on a pilot produced by Courteney Cox and David Arquette at the time.

“What happened to Rebecca on that set was awful,” said Courtney Cox, adding that she felt “outrage and shock.” “My concern was to create an environment where Rebecca felt safe, protected and heard,” said Cox. Corry said she also received a later apology from C.K., who told her, “I used to misread people back then.”

When contacted about the claims, C.K.’s publicist Lewis Kay said, “Louis is not going to answer any questions.”


“We are obviously very troubled by the allegations about Louis C.K. published in The New York Times today,” FX said in a statement. “The network has received no allegations of misconduct by Louis C.K. related to any of our 5 shows produced together over the past 8 years. FX Networks and FXP take all necessary actions to protect our employees and thoroughly investigate any allegations of misconduct within our workplace. That said, the matter is currently under review.”

“Louis C.K. will no longer be participating in the “Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs,” which will be presented live on HBO on November 18,” an HBO spokesperson said in a statement. “In addition, HBO is removing Louis C.K.’s past projects from its On Demand services.”

Meanwhile Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has been accused by former staff writer Kater Gordon.

Gordon, who won an Emmy for her writing on the series, alleges that while working together late one night on the series, Weiner told her that she owed it to him to let him see her naked. A year later, she was let go and hasn’t worked in the industry since.

In a statement, representatives for Weiner said, “Mr. Weiner spent eight to ten hours a day writing dialogue aloud with Miss Gordon, who started on Mad Men as his writers assistant. He does not remember saying this comment nor does it reflect a comment he would say to any colleague. During the nine years he was showrunner on Mad Men, Mr. Weiner had a predominantly female driven writers room. He has long believed in and implemented an egalitarian working environment including the highest levels of production and writing based on mutual respect for all.”

Lastly Jeremy Piven has denied latest allegations in this statement:

Source: Hollywood Reporter