Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who costume revealed

The Doctor is ready to see you now...

Some are already deeming it a bit Mork & Mindy but the costume to be worn by Jodie Whittaker for Doctor Who has been revealed.

The BBC notes, she is seen in cropped teal culottes with yellow braces, as well as a striped jumper and long trench coat. Her look is completed with brown boots, blue and turquoise striped socks and some unusual earrings, at the top and bottom of her left ear.

The Broadchurch star has begun filming as the 13th Time Lord and will make her debut when the Doctor regenerates in the Christmas special.


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  1. The rainbow on the black t-shirt reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon cover minus the prism and white light of course, then Capaldi was a rocking Doctor so may be a vague connection there. Suspenders and boots are very Matt Smith like as well as the trousers high waist being very Patrick Troughton, given the trailer of the Christmas Special and the end of the last episode that’s not a surprise either.

    Like It.

  2. I really like this look, though I’m sure the fact that Jodie is a woman means she will be subjected to an extra-ordinary amount of social media critiquing no previous Doctor has ever endured for his attire. Also, I hope when he regenerates, she emerges still in the previous clothes. I’ve never liked it when the Doctor’s threads also change in the process.

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