Lano & Woodley reunite for live tour

Favourite comedy duo are touring again, 12 years after they disbanded.

Comedy duo Lano & Woodley are reuniting for a tour, 12 years after they disbanded.

The knockabout pair were last on stage together for the Melbourne Comedy Festival’s 30th Birthday Gala, that brought the house down. That led to a serious “Waddya reckon?” chat.

“Life’s short – it was always such fun performing with each other – so we thought – why not have fun again?” said Colin Lane.

“I am really, really looking forward to being back on stage irritating Col. Oprah Winfrey believes we’re all put on this earth for a special purpose, and if that’s true I’m convinced that mine is to shit Col,” Frank Woodley added.

Their new show “Fly” starts in Canberra in March with tix for all cities on sale from November 21.

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