Man with a Plan gets extra episodes order

Hot on the heels of CBS halting Wisdom of the Crowd there is better news for TEN with Man with a Plan getting a full season order from CBS.

The Matt LeBlanc comedy had previously been given a 13 episode order, where it has been averaging 6.5m US viewers n Live+7 Day ratings.

This week on TEN the show pulled 503,000 due to Have You Been Paying Attention?‘s overrun, adjusted to 321,000.

Source: Deadline


  1. While I do like this show, this has me concerned that they are going to cancel Me, Myself and I, which was bumped after a few episodes in favour of Man with a Plan.

  2. I happen to see this every week simply because I watch Have You Been Paying Attention and although it okay to have on in the background it’s nothing to write home about. I didn’t realise until last week that LeBlanc was actually supposed to be a stay at home dad! They should lean into that more because at the moment it plays like a lame King of Queens retread

  3. I wanted to enjoy this, like I want to like any new US sitcom, because a good one is so hard to find these days. Last year I watched the first two or three episodes of season one, and I could not enjoy it.
    Meanwhile, Young Sheldon has also dropped off my watch list after three episodes.

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