NZ drama Filthy Rich gets US adaptation

Big-budget NZ drama gets a pilot adaptation by FOX.

Warning: language, adult themes

2016 New Zealand drama Filthy Rich is getting a US adaptation on the FOX Network.

The drama centres around three illegitimate half siblings who discover they are heir to wealthy businessman’s fortune  -but his legitimate children object.

The cast, headed by Miriama Smith includes Alex Tarrant (800 Words).

Director Tate Taylor (The Girl On the Train, Grace & Frankie) will adapt the series for Imagine TV. FOX has given it a ‘put pilot’ meaning it will incur penalties if the show does not proceed.

The series is NZ’s biggest budget TV series ever and a second season aired earlier this year.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I think we all know how badly this will turn out-adaptations of Aus/NZ TV shows haven’t worked in the US-‘Outrageous Fortune’ was the most recent NZ product to suffer this -also don’t see how ‘Filthy Rich’ could be more expensive than ‘Westside’ which is a period piece (’70’s) with all the costumes, sets, vehicles and locations that entails.

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