Outlook bleak for Wisdom of the Crowd

Jeremy Piven drama will wrap first season at 13 episodes, making a renewal now a very tall order.

When a US network decides to halt your show after 13 episodes you know it is pretty much the end of the line….

CBS is wrapping Wisdom of the Crowd‘s first season at 13 episodes without formally axing the show.

Variety notes it has struggled in its timeslot, averaging 7.4 million viewers per episode, making it the lowest-rated new drama on CBS.

The decision also comes in the wake of harassment headlines surrounding star Jeremy Piven, which he has vehemently denied.

Wisdom of the Crowd currently screens on TEN and was one of several international dramas  flagged at the network’s Upfronts for 2018.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying this show. When I heard the stuff coming out about Jeremy Priven I thought there would probably be no season 2. Just hope they solve his daughters murder & don’t end on a cliffhanger.

  2. The idea has potential if done right. I hoped this might be it, but it fell back into familiar tropes very quickly. And none of the characters are really all that likeable. There’s been maybe two smiles by anyone throughout the whole series so far.

    I look forward to when they figure out how to portray IT nerds in a more accurate realistic way, like for example, actors who use a space-bar or a mouse occasionally.

  3. Wisdom of The Crowd was ok. Far better than APB which lifted the same idea from an Israeli show and bought the rights to NYT article about a crime app to fend off lawsuits. The critics universally denounced the pilot with a rabid fervor claiming the premise is morally abhorrent. And making a pro-Trump joke in the pilot didn’t seem to help. They scored it 35% on Metacritic while viewers score it 70% there.

  4. Enjoying that show but can see why it doesn’t do well – some of the aspects of what the app is doing are far too exaggerated – such as within a second of posting a message, the number of members increases suddenly and they see that in real time. Yes, I know – dramatic effect – but still..

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