Q&A rebuffs comedian’s tweet

Ouch. Q&A last night decided it wasn’t going to take a dig from comedian / writer Ben Pobjie laying down.

Pobjie tweeted that the show’s high school student panel was “brought to you by people who sought the most effective way to make the show worse than ever.”

But Q&A, which always embraces Twitter commentary was having none of that, and decided to weigh in with an opinion of its own.

“You haven’t been on the panel yet so it may be possible for us to get worse,” Q&A replied.

Yikes. It isn’t clear if the tweet was from the online team, producer or Tony Jones himself. Jones always said he would join Twitter if Lateline surpassed 200,000 viewers. The show did just that during a 2015 Liberal spill, but we’re still waiting TJ.


  1. Poor Ben. If it was meant to be a joke the reply came across as too hostile. Don’t think it’s professional to use the official account for a tweet like that.

  2. I wish people would grow up, its bad enough the pollies say silly things to one another. If you ignore remarks I think it annoys others even more than if you retaliate.

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