Rachel Griffiths: Aussie industry has always embraced female producers

Actress Rachel Griffiths last night addressed the issue of harassment in the industry.

Presenting at the Screen Producers Awards, Griffiths acknowledged the differences between US and Australian culture, whilst endeavouring to keep her banter light in the spirit of a celebratory event.

“It’s been a difficult couple of weeks at the pointy end of the plane, particularly for men in our business,” she said.

“I just wanted to say I have never been harassed by an Australian producer.

“I’ve been thinking about the reasons for that. It could be you were harassing other young actresses, but actually I think it’s because we, uniquely, have an industry that has always embraced women.

“Women have always produced and I never felt men were the only gatekeepers to our industry. So that’s something to celebrate.

“Also I realise now that you make no money, you have no power…..!” she joked.

Her comments appeared to be clarification following an earlier discussion at a Gender Matters session at the Screen Forever conference. Last night she wryly thanked “the 4 guys” who attended the session.

“I clocked you in the audience and so did the 300 women there.”

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