Renewed: Anh’s Brush with Fame

ABC recently confirmed a third season for its hit show with Anh Do.

ABC recently confirmed a third season for Anh’s Brush with Fame.

The hit series is part of a recent list of ABC Arts shows coming in 2018.

HIVE, series of 3 films coming in 2018 to ABC and iview
An initiative between ABC Arts, the Adelaide Film Festival, Screen Australia and the Australia Council for the Arts, giving artists from many disciplines the chance to make their first film.

Guilty is a feature length film focusing on the last days of artist and executed Bali Nine prisoner Myuran Sukumaran. It is written and directed by visual artist Matthew Sleeth, who ran art workshops in prison with Myuran throughout his rehabilitation.

Remembering Agatha is a half-hour hybrid live-action whimsical drama overlaid with animation. Directed by artist and writer, Emma Magenta, it tells the story of a woman overwhelmed by family obligation and the domestication of her spirit, before she discovers a mysterious portal offering her the possibility of resolving her grief and saving her crumbling marriage. Production credit: Create NSW.

Oddlands is a half-hour drama directed and co-written by Back To Back Theatre’s artistic director Bruce Gladwin. It tells the blackly humorous story of a team of people with intellectual disabilities from a supported employment service, who travel into a restricted zone to plug a hole in a deserted nuclear facility.

Hannah Gadsby’s Nakedy Nude, coming in 2018 to ABC and iview
Award-winning comedian Hannah Gadsby will apply her unique sensibility to the representation of the nude in art. Part lampoon, part deconstruction, Gadsby will draw on her art history background to navigate between dry humour, irreverence and serious art critique. Production credit: Barefoot Communications. Create NSW

Anh’s Brush With Fame season three, coming in 2018 to ABC and iview
Archibald People’s Choice award-winner, comedian and author Anh Do returns with the much-anticipated third season of Anh’s Brush With Fame, getting up close and personal with an exciting new line-up of Australian celebrities, to be announced soon. Production credit: Screentime.

Making Child Prodigies, coming in 2018
At a time when helicopter parents, tiger mums, multiple after-school activities and tutoring are par-for-the course, this 6 x 30 minutes series follows six Australian children who excel in the arts, science, and sport, and explores whether prodigious talent is genetically innate or can be taught. Along the way we ask what this pursuit of excellence says about our families, children, and beliefs about parenting. Production credit: Screentime. Screen Australia. Create NSW.

Art Bites (series 2) coming in 2018 to ABC Arts on iview
A joint initiative between ABC Arts and Screen Australia, iview original series Art Bites returns with a new slate of short form content made by emerging documentary filmmakers, following everything from one man’s journey to write a hit song, to explorations of gender diversity in art, to examining what it means to create a selfportrait, to the journey of twin-sisters and former Countdown fans, in their efforts to track down their art icons.

The Mix, continues in 2018, Saturdays, 6.30pm on ABC NEWS and iview
The Mix has had a fresh coat of paint and brings you more great arts content from around the country. The new look weekly arts, entertainment and culture program features contributors including Zan Rowe, Myf Warhurst, and artists Eddie Sharp and Abdul Abdullah. Bringing audiences a unique look inside what’s happening in the arts and giving you a weekly culture fix! The program is repeated on ABC TV on Sunday afternoons.

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