Renewed: Instant Hotel

Brisbane couple Terry & Anita have won Seven’s Instant Hotel.

The couple’s “Zen in West End” outranked Sydney mother & daughter Babe & Bondi.

They win a trip to California to stay in a luxury B&B.

The Seven series, hosted by Luke Jacobz, has averaged figures up to 759,000 -enough for Seven to call for new contestants for 2018.


  1. I believe Grumpy Dyke is referring to the British format “4 in a Bed” of which Instant Hotel is a shameless ripoff. It was on air at leafs 10 years ago , might still be playing.
    Check the similarities David. Original Seven Production ? I don’t think so …

    • Use of the term original format in TV means has not been produced or developed before. If it is similar to other shows that’s a copyright matter for debate and / or courts. You could argue MKR is same as Come Dine with Me, but both are original formats.

  2. I found it a bit odd that during the first half of last night show, Shay and Mikey were saying how they didn’t like Terry and Anita and were going to get even for T&A scoring them low but then seemed to push for them to get high scores. I agree with the hotel that one, just found their behaviour puzzling.

  3. I was very shocked when Luke asked a couple if they wanted to change their score after receiving bad scores from their guests. Surely that’s not on. Perhaps all scores should be written down to at least give the process some semblance of fairness.

  4. Agree. I didn’t mind it but was a flaw having competitors judging each other’s holiday accommodation.
    Having a vested interest, of course many couples were biased and looking to unfairly find fault with their competitor’s properties.
    Made for lots of bitchiness and over the top drama though with a few truly painful contestants involved.
    They need to tweak to have unbiased couples staying, who are just looking to find good quality holiday accommodation.

  5. Loved the first series, and then in series 2 the bitching started. Having watched the show in Belgium a few years ago (‘Met 4 in bed’) I was really looking forward to getting introduced to some B&B’s across Australia. As with most reality shows on our Australian TV channels it quickly turned into drama, theatrics and bitching. Is this really what attracts Australians to these shows. I stopped watching half way through the second series.

      • I think GrumpyDyke meant the second lot of ‘hosts’ I started the series just to see what it was going to be like, but can’t believe they aired so many episodes a week and then introduced a second round of ‘hosts’. Gone are the days where a show like this would air one or two nights. I never stick to 4 nights a week of 75-90 minutes each night, too ridiculous as I like variety in my viewing and can’t watch the same thing every night of the week. I might have different viewing habits to others, I like to mix drama, lifestyle and doco’s.

      • I think GrumpyDyke might mean rounds, not series? Although I thought Brent and Leroy were quite bitchy and they were in first round. Second round was worse for bitchiness, in my opinion anyway.

        • Sorry, yes I meant first and second ’round’. And yes, Brent and Leroy were the bitchy stereo type gay couple in the first round, but then in round two it seemed to escalate.

  6. The scoring is the weak link in these sorts of shows. It brings out the bitchiness in people, but then I suppose that’s why so many watch. Definitely not as bad as MKR which I no longer watch.

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