Romper Stomper hijack triggers legal action from Stan

Stan and Roadshow Productions have commenced legal proceedings over a group of men who have racially abused Senator Sam Dastyari, referring to themselves as Patriot Blue.

Patriot Blue is the name of a fictional far-right group which appears in the upcoming Romper Stomper sequel (pictured), based on the 1992 film by Geoffrey Wright.

Both Stan and Roadshow Productions condemned their actions instructing law firm Gilbert & Tobin to take action in relation to the infringement of the Patriot Blue trademark, and use of the Stan name on Facebook.

Romper Stomper is a story that reflects contemporary issues from multiple view points and focuses on the alienated and fractured members of modern society,” they said in a statement.

“The incident with Senator Dastyari highlights that this is the right time to have an important national conversation about these issues, in a respectful and constructive way.”

The miniseries is expected in early 2018.


    • They’ll behave as they always have – “Wot? I was just asking, mate. Don’t I have a right to ask? You trying to take away my rights? I was only having fun anway, mate, can’t you take a joke? You got all offended and now you’re blaming me? This is Australia, mate, not PC-land! Why is it all my fault?”

      Except probably with worse spelling…

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