SBS 2018 programming grid

A peek at how SBS has mapped out its 2018 calendar.

SBS Upfronts recently outlined its 2018 highlights to media and advertisers.

January includes Vikings (from Dec. 6) Berlin Station, Shane Delia’s Recipe for Life and plenty of Sport.

Here’s what’s ahead….

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  1. Why doesn’t SBS take any programming risks and commission shows made by independants and people other that their same old ‘preferred suppliers’? It’s the same old boring cheap locally produced content, there’s no alarms and no surprises. Why aren’t SBS more commercially competitive David? Why don’t they try for a ratings grab instead of settling for paltry ratings numbers at a time?

    1. Because SBS has a charter that says it’s supposed to broadcast in foreign languages to serve minorities, support spoken languages other than English and promote diversity. SBS makes a small amount of money buying up foreign language and US content that other networks have missed and broadcasting them late at night and streaming them on On Demand. And compete commercially against what? 9 & 10 have both gone bust and has over $1.5b of debt written off, Seven West recently posted a $234m loss. Only a few shows like MKR, Masterchef, The Block, Ninja Warrior, The Bachelorette actually make money in the Australian market. Most local content is funded by the Government to some extent and the commercial networks and Foxtel make stuff at a loss to met the condition to keep their licences.

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