The Good Doctor, Instant Hotel score for Seven.

Ratings: Seven claims key timeslots while both Cram The Ex-PM take a hit.

There is no stopping The Good Doctor right now with yet another night at #1.

The US drama drew 1.01m viewers last night, with almost all evening slots going Seven’s way.

Instant Hotel won its slot at 687,000 viewers ahead of RBT and 7:30. That left Cram at 363,000 down on last week’s 558,000 to battle it out with Great British Railway Journeys on 358,000. That said, Insert Name Here and Food Safari Earth were lower still.

The Good Doctor was out in front of Gogglebox on 588,000 and Piers Morgan on Nine. The Ex-PM struggled on Thursday at 302,000, denied the Wednesday comedy line-up.

Regulars Seven News, ACA and The Chase all won slots once more.

Seven network won Thursday with 33.2% then Nine 24.2%, TEN 19.4%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 7.7%.

The Good Doctor was #1 with 1.01m for Seven then Seven News (846,000 / 839,000), Instant Hotel (687,000), Home and Away (657,000), The Chase (436,000 / 112,000 in 2 cities), and movie: City of Angels (230,000).

Nine News (788,000 / 780,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (741,000), RBT (681,000), Hot Seat (430,000 / 250,000) and Killer Women with Piers Morgan (385,000). Wolf Creek was 205,000.

Gogglebox (588,000) led for TEN then The Project (430,000 / 323,000), TEN Eyewitness News (406,000), Cram (363,000), Law & Order: SVU (328,00) and Family Feud (317,000).

ABC News (680,000) was best on ABC followed by 7:30 (493,000), Insert Name Here (307,000), The Ex-PM (302,000), Grand Designs (217,000), Bucket (199,000), Upper Middle Bogan (166,000) and Back (159,000).

On SBS it was great British Railway Journeys (358,000), Food Safari Earth (249,000), River Cottage Australia (198,000), SBS World News (123,000) and Bosch (101,000).

Even at 190,000 Shaun the Sheep still topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 9 November 2017

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  1. “The Ex-PM struggled on Thursday at 302,000, denied the Wednesday comedy line-up.”

    I’m trying to like the Ex-PM, but it’s just not funny. That forced ‘look-at-me-aren’t-I-funny’ shtick works on a show like Mad As Hell, but just draws attention to itself in a sitcom.

  2. Wow finally there is a US tv show drama that can attract an audience on a commercial channel. It is a bit of a rarity these days, so ch7 really do need to exploit it. Funnily it was featured on gogglebox

    1. You are right about Seven exploiting the US drama when it is rating well. A good strategic decision but did it come at the expense of Secret Daughter (or maybe not)?I think Seven needs every point to claw back their YTD main channel ratings share.

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