The Good Doctor takes top spot again

Ratings: US drama is the surprise package of the week. TEN shows strong in the demos.

The Good Doctor has proven to be the surprise package of the week, scoring a second night at #1 for Seven.

It drew 950,000 viewers well ahead of the timeslot champ Gogglebox on 618,000 and The Ex-PM on 365,000. But Gogglebox held onto top spot in the 3 demos.

An extended Home and Away (from 7pm) averaged 618,000 ranking higher than 7:30 shows RBT and Cram, but TEN’s new game show beat both in the demos, if divisive in social media feedback.

Nine offered little in the way of competitive content last night, with the Free to Air premiere of Wolf Creek following a repeat of Piers Morgan, both beaten on several fronts.

Seven News, ACA and The Chase won their slots again.

Seven network easily won Thursday with 32.7% then Nine 22.7%, TEN 21.3%, ABC 15.8% and SBS 7.5%.

The Good Doctor was #1 for Seven with 950,000 then Seven News (874,000 / 859,000), Home and Away (638,000), The Chase (545,000 / 357,000), and movie: The Sapphires (362,000).

Nine News (797,000 / 792,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (690,000), RBT (591,000), Hot Seat (386,000 / 228,000), Killer Women with Piers Morgan (361,000). Wolf Creek drew 206,000.

Gogglebox (618,000) led for TEN then Cram (558,000), The Project (466,000 / 348,000), TEN Eyewitness News (412,000), Law & Order: SVU (344,000) and Family Feud (330,000).

ABC News (682,000), 7:30 (492,000), The Ex-PM (365,000), Insert Name Here (318,000), Bucket (247,000), Back (213,000) and Grand Designs (165,000).

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (308,000), Food Safari Earth (271,000), River Cottage Australia (209,000) and SBS World News (142,000).

Shaun the Sheep was up with 242,000 on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 2 November 2017.

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  1. Love that this post has been hi jacked by Greys fans. True it doesn’t rate as highly, but no show does when it keeps moving nights etc
    I just agree that medical dramas can be popular as David’s recent post on Doctors confirmed! Would also like to say that it is too late in the ratings season to launch new Greys and they’ll hold off until Feb I’d expect!

  2. If channel 7 went to some effort into promoting/relaunching greys anatomy after the good doctor the retention could be a lot higher than what channel 7 expects. I think it could rate a lot better than the crap channel 7 are currently showing eg. Repeated movies etc…

    1. Speaking of movies, Seven could probably claim they’re No. 1 for movies? Of the hundreds (if not thousands) of titles screened on commerical FTA this year, the highest rating has been “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” (after the Grand Final), followed by “The Dressmaker” premiere. The other Indiana Jones films round out the Top Five I believe.

  3. Why doesn’t Seven re-launch Grey’s Anatomy and put it straight after The Good Doctor ? Make a big fat promo for it to catch lapsed viewers and bring it back to the main channel ???
    Likes for likes me thinks …

  4. Watched the first ep of Cram out of idle curiosity and yep, David’s review was spot on.
    It was really lame and boring and seemed to drag on for ever, despite some decent guests.
    The “what the hell am I doing here?” expressions on their faces said it all really.
    Quite a lot of pretty harsh assessments on social media as well.

    1. We have to stop giving credit to Twitter. It’s a medium for savage reviews… *see The Wall on Twitter vs Family Food Fight on Twitter
      A show (unless on a Streaming service) is judged by ratings not by sassy people behind a keyboard.
      Twitter is very much a dying medium kept alive mostly by Trump.

  5. Channel 7 should be screening the new season of Grey’s anatomy in a decent time slot on its main channel rather than 7 flix. Grey’s anatomy is still a high quality drama that continues to rate very solidly in the states but has been treated terribly by channel 7. There is clearly an audience out there for good medical dramas.

      1. There’s a reason they are still making it. Cause its still good and has an audience. It just needs to be aired here for crying out loud. Its timeslot on 7flix is vacant there are no excuses for 7 they are just being mighty pigheaded.

        1. It might still do ok in the US but it hasn’t had good numbers here for quite some time. Agree that Seven should try to find a spot for it but it doesn’t deserve one on the main channel. Personally, I thought it ran out of steam years ago.

          1. I didn’t actually say it should go back on the main channel. It has a timeslot of 8.30pm Mondays on 7flix which it aired in last season and should already be airing in now but apparently bones reruns or movie repeats are more important. That’s the thing about greys. If it finds itself in a lull for a few episodes you just need to persevere and it seems to find a way to reinvent itself or get interesting again.

      2. The fact it is still getting a full 24 episode order in its 14th season speaks volumes to its consistently high ratings over the years. The writers still manage to keep the show fresh and the quality is just as good as the earlier seasons. If channel 7 gave the show some promotion and perhaps tried airing it after the good doctor it would be interesting to see how it rates.

    1. In the US you would be right, Grey’s just out rates The Good Doctor with 18-54s. In Australia the TGD is rating 1m, which Grey’s hasn’t done for a decade. Yes there is still an audience for a good medical drama, a handful of people are watching House at Midnight on Sunday. GA is still on only because 7 has slots to fill on a secondary channel that targets female viewers. And surely that’s the main thing, it is still on.

      1. I think it’s hard to rate when the time slot for a show keeps being stuffed around. Channel 7 appear to be burning through TGD eps which when there are no more new ones to air they will probably keep repeating them until no one wants to watch it anymore. Just a thought.

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