The Living Room: Nov 17

Amanda Keller meets with Jimmy Barnes on the publicity trail, this week on The Living Room and Barry DuBois travels to the “infamous Skipping Girl Vinegar factory”…. not sure why it’s infamous.

Food with Miguel Maestre: Cooking for Love
Paul wants to cook a romantic meal to show his partner Kim how much he cares but he is a bad cook and cannot even boil water. Miguel steps in and gives Paul a cooking lesson. Together the pair create a delicious crispy skin salmon and papaya salad, followed by tropical bombe Alaska that is set to sweep Kim off her feet. Can love conquer all in the kitchen?

Travel with Chris Brown: Komune Night Surfing
Surfers are always searching for that perfect break, and in East Bali, Chris may have finally found it. Chris will need to surf the break, but there is a twist. The most unusual aspect of the break though is that this is the only surf break in the world that that can be ridden at night, under massive spot lights and the watchful eyes of surf lifesavers. But before you can take to the waves some big wave training is required and it is not for the faint-hearted. After surviving the training, it is time to surf in the dark and that becomes a whole new level of difficulty for the surfing vet.

Celebrity with Amanda Keller: Jimmy Barnes
Australia has produced plenty of outstanding musicians yet very few of them have been elevated to music royalty. There cannot be any disputing that one who has reached that level is rock legend, Jimmy Barnes. Amanda heads to Jimmy’s home studio to hear all about the latest chapter of his career that he has written about in his new hard-hitting memoir Working Class Man. She also reveals her role in trying to ruin the Cold Chisel Flame Trees music video.

Wow House with Barry DuBois: Vinegar Factory
Barry travels to Northcote in Melbourne to check out the transformation of city’s infamous Skipping Girl Vinegar factory into a family home. He meets the owner and architect who took on the heroic task of converting this disused warehouse and discovers by re-purposing almost everything not one skip was used for rubbish.

7:30pm Friday on TEN.

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  1. Why do The Living Room’s media releases always read like they were written by a badly educated 10 year old ?
    The Cat Sat On The Mat is high literature compared to this tosh.
    And as you picked up David , “infamous” is usually used to describe something ” notorious , disreputable , ill-famed or wicked” – surely not Melbourne’s much loved Skipping Girl factory.
    Whoever writes this cliche ridden junk should go back to school , and whoever proof reads it should be ashamed of themselves.

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