1. Still find it intrguing that The Big Bang Theory episode at 10:15pm is the same episode that is on at 8:45pm just after two episodes of Kath and Kim. The idea is working it seems as Kath and Kim are rating well for the time of night and that means the new episode of The Big Bang Theory gets shown twice in one night to a combined rating of 759,000 (so Nine are getting their dollars worth).

  2. Yesterday, I had the chance of streaming Melbourne Cup race on Freeview on my iPad. The picture quality wasn’t too bad despite having a bit of gimmicks. I was wondering whether streaming via Freeview & 7+ count?

  3. With almost $90m in bets on the Cup but only 1.8m recorded viewers OzTam must be sweating on the “National Security” chip implant in our earlobes.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      You mean to say that you have no interest in an event which glamorises animal cruelty, gambling, excessive alcohol consumption, narcissism, and leaving your rubbish for someone else to deal with? I’m shocked!

        • Yes is could fund the unemployment benefits off all the TAB staff, betting clerks, hospitality staff, IT technician and programmers, stable workers, horse breeders, stock agents, vets who wouldn’t be employed otherwise.

          • Secret Squïrrel

            @Pertinax – sure, let’s just keep doing something because some people make money from it. This very same argument was used by the cotton growers of the US southern states to oppose the abolition of slavery, and could be applied to the tobacco industry today.

            @David – the vets employed within the racing industry are horse specialists and there is not a huge demand for people who can shoot an animal with a rifle from less than a metre away. I expect that many of them would need to retrain or find themselves out of work.

  4. 2013: Race that tops the nation
    2014: Race that tops the nation tinged with sadness
    2015: The Race that tops the nation
    2016: The race that tops the nation
    2017: The race that tops the nation
    Lucky for you the Melbourne Cup will probably never be out-rated on the first Tuesday in November. You can keep reusing this headline 🙂

  5. Melbourne Cup huge as always, taking in mind what David said about out-of-home TV viewing, it would absolutely be the closest event to something that ‘stops the nation’ (shame we’ll never know) + 350k streaming is enormous. Good Doctor on fire for Seven, but disappointing number for Instant Hotel launch (on Melbourne Cup night of all days!) Food Fight saw an increase, after falling below 500k on Monday. Unbelievable what happens to shows like 60min and Big Bang with no Block.

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