Airdate: Altered Carbon

Netflix sci-fi series Altered Carbon, based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan, is coming in February.

The series stars Joel Kinnaman (House of Cards) in a universe where consciousness is digitised and stored in cortical stacks implanted in the spine, allowing humans to survive physical death.

The cast also includes Aussie Dichen Lachman.

It premieres Friday, February 2nd 2018.

Consciousness can be digitised…human bodies are interchangeable…and death is no longer permanent. Welcome to the world of Altered Carbon where no body lives forever.

Based on the classic cyberpunk noir novel by Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon is an intriguing story of murder, love, sex, and betrayal, set more than 300 years in the future. Society has been transformed by new technology: consciousness can be digitized; human bodies are interchangeable; death is no longer permanent. Takeshi Kovacs is the lone surviving soldier in a group of elite interstellar warriors who were defeated in an uprising against the new world order. His mind was imprisoned, “on ice”, for centuries until Laurens Bancroft, an impossibly wealthy, long-lived man, offers Kovacs the chance to live again. In exchange, Kovacs has to solve a murder … that of Bancroft himself.

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  1. This show looks a bit like the 2009 movie ‘Surrogates’ starring Bruce Willis, in the movie the transfer of human consciousness involved the use of robots. Congratulations to Netflix though for keeping SciFi shows on our screens, they are not cheap to make and have a long production time, hopefully long may it continue.

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