Airdate: Spin

French political thriller Spin begins on SBS next week.

But this is quite dated, having aired in France in 2012. The 6 part series kicks off with a double episode.

A second season airs from late January.

France is under shock: the President has been assassinated. Behind the scenes, politicians
are already campaigning for the special election 35 days from now. Ex-presidential advisor
Simon Kapita wants to preserve his mentor’s honour but finds that his former protégé,
Ludovic Desmeuzes, is now working for his political enemy, Prime Minister Philippe

Spin is a French political thriller delving deep into the heart of a tension-filled campaign as
two spin doctors, formerly allies, are pitted against each other for the first time preparing for
a snap election.

Episode One
When the French president falls victim to a suicide bomber, his ex-communications adviser,
Simon Kapita, finds political manoeuvrings soon begin as he is courted by his sworn enemy,
the prime minister.

Episode Two
The president’s funeral is barely over when the campaign for an early election starts. Simon
must swiftly find a candidate and locates the perfect contender in low-level minister, Anne

Tuesday, 2 January at 10.55pm on SBS.


    • Yes, those who enjoy French political thrillers will find themselves wanting to watch more than one episode, the main female leads do change each new season which is curious.

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