Big Bash delivers strong week for TEN

The Big Bash League has given TEN a big boost to its summer ratings.

TEN gained an 8 point share on the previous week, including its primary channel beating Nine’s.

The biggest audience for the BBL was Game 2 Session 2 at 767,000 viewers, still not enough to topple Nine’s Ashes, at 1.33m viewers for Session 2.

Seven also got a xmas present of sorts with the top primary channel share of the week. Also worth noting last week was ABC News doubling its share on Thursday as events unfolded late afternoon in Melbourne.

Nine: 26.8
Seven: 25.3
TEN: 23.0
ABC: 17.4
SBS: 7.4

Primary channel:
Seven: 17.6
TEN: 16.6
Nine: 16.3
ABC: 11.5
SBS: 4.9

9GO!: 5.6
ONE: 4.0
ABC2* / 7TWO: 3.2
7mate / 9GEM: 2.7
9Life: 2.2
ABC News: 1.9
7flix: 1.8
ABC ME / SBS Food Network: 0.9
NITV: 0.2

* OzTAM coding is yet to rename ABC2 as ABC Comedy.

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