Cameras roll on Bondi Rescue 13th season

Backpacker alert. Filming is underway on the 13th season of Bondi Rescue for TEN.

Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder is shooting 10 episodes, according to the Wentworth Courier, down from 13 last season.

“Following changes to ownership and management at Network TEN, the number of episodes requested has been reduced from 13 episodes to 10,” CJZ indicated in an internal report to Waverley Council.

“CJZ would therefore like to film for a reduced period, nine weeks in total…”

Waverly Council has made nearly $1.5 million since Bondi Rescue began filming in 2005.

CJZ pays pay council a licence fee of $115,000 for this season’s filming (down from $139k), with 39 council-employed lifeguards to receive a share of $160,000 for “promotional services” whether they appear on the show or not.

Last season rated modestly compared to previous runs however Bondi Rescue has sold to 190 territories. While Waverley Council doesn’t have editorial control, it does have review rights on the series.


  1. It’s pretty much the only show on TEN I watch. But I can understand them wanting to reduce the amount of episodes, some times episodes nothing happens at all. Which I suppose is a good thing considering the subject matter in a way, I am sure the guards rather the days where nothing happens.

  2. Isn’t this getting a bit stale? Season after season the same old lifeguards going out and performing the same old rescues. Last year I suggested broadening the show to be more of a travelog about Bondi to show it off in the best possible light. They could have a regular segment showcasing the Bondi Beach Bar Brutes and the other fitness enthusiasts at the outdoor gym, also travel and accom in the area. Just having rescues over and over is boring.

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