Doctor Who fans enthused by Jodie Whittaker’s arrival

It doesn’t get much more unanimous than this.

Doctor Who
fans seemingly the world over are excited by Jodie Whittaker’s history-making arrival as the first female Doctor yesterday.

Just two words “Aww brilliant!” marked her arrival on the annual Christmas special, as Peter Capaldi ended a 3 year run with the series. On social media the most common reaction from fans was that they “can’t wait” to see where she will take the character with new showrunner, Chris Chibnall.

Whittaker will fully begin her role next year alongside Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole.


  1. For me the new Doctor was disheartening, I couldn’t understand what she said. Fortunately I was watching it on the PVR, so I turned on subtitles and rewound to discover, “aw brilliant”

  2. Capaldi has been an excellent Doctor and Clara and Bill great companions. The writing has been solid with some great ideas for the last 3 seasons. You haven’t had some of the real stinkers or silly episodes that used pace and a deus ex machina ending to cover that. Most people just seem to be tired of the show after 12 years and blame that on Moffat. However, with Moffat running both Doctor Who and Sherlock, Gatis had to write more and both shows lacked the brilliant episodes they had before.

    • Counter-opinions:
      – Manic Pixie Dream Companion, aka “The Unlikeable Girl”. (Granted, Bill was an OK character).
      – Robot of Sherwood, the one where the Moon turned out to be an egg, the whole end-of-Clara / punching his way through eternity arc, etc, etc.
      – Moffat’s over-arching “No, he’s not The Messiah – he’s bigger than that!” schtick, driving the whole thing into the end-stops & leaving it nowhere to go except backwards. Not to mention his weird “Oh no, I’ve again failed to save a female character! Feel my Gallifreyan man-pain!”, with the inevitable “Don’t worry Doctor, I don’t mind, I forgive you” resolution/redemption…

    • I think you are right. It has been a golden era with the last few series with the simply magnificent Peter Capaldi being the definitive modern portrayal of the Doctor. He has been able to explore aspects of the character no other actor in the role could. We have had really well done and fascinating stories with terrific acting and wonderful character development with the 12th doctor. Bill has been the best of modern companions too, giving us a flesh and blood young woman, not some Mary Sue of the showrunner . Any loss of momentum is down to the erratic scheduling since the 50th anniversary and that the novelty has worn off. The show has come a long way under Moffat since the silliness of the RTD era with its deus ex machina endings, handwaving explanations, simplistic storytelling and doctors with messianic complexes.

      A lovely send off for Capaldi. Loads of…

  3. Tony Bee agree boring lead characters Peter Capaldi & Pearl Mackie boring story lines for the last 3 years I look forward to a new direction with a brand new cast Loved Christopher Eccleston ,David Tennant & Matt Smith as the Doctors with fantastic story lines .(What happened ? )

  4. Worst Christmas special ever! The regenerations go on forever and Capaldi’s final boring, nonsensical speech reinforced why we’re so happy to see him and Moffat moving on. This is the first time I’ve ever been glad to see the back of the old Doc. Here’s to new beginnings!

  5. I loved the episode. The recreation and integration of the sequences from the first Doctor’s footage was deftly done with real heart and the regeneration was done so swiftly that it just left us gagging for more (though I’ve never understood why, knowing how much energy it expels, why he wouldn’t step outside of the TARDIS to do it). Can’t wait for the new series!

  6. Ah yes, isn’t it wonderful. Nothing but roses here. Move on.

    Then again, I wonder what the potentially considerable number of people that have simply given up on the show and moved on are thinking. Ah yes, they simply aren’t thinking about it at all. They’ve moved on.

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