Don Burke: More women detail allegations against host

Profile Australians have added their names to the growing list of allegations against Don Burke.

Fairfax quotes more accusations as part of its ongoing investigation, including:

Tottie Goldsmith:
“Don Burke came to my home many years ago to shoot a story. My daughter was around seven at the time and his language was so appalling I asked him, politely, to please not use the F and C-bomb in front of her.

“He continued to, as if to rub it in my face. I asked him again but he ignored me so I decided to ask one of the crew for assistance; he merely rolled his eyes, looked very embarrassed and apologised on behalf of the whole crew.

“Don continued to use foul language as if to challenge me and the men on the crew because you could see how uncomfortable they all felt with his behaviour. The shoot was a wrap just before I was going to ask him to leave.”

Debra Byrne:
“We had this beautiful house that overlooked the ocean at Glenaire (in Victoria). We were sitting in the lounge room looking through the French windows.

“He was rabbiting on as the crew set up for another shot. He then said words to the effect about ‘the size of his penis’.

“I went, ‘Excuse me, you can’t talk like that in my house’. I had two young daughters around. There was no invitation to that conversation, he just launched into it.”

Amity Dry:
“My first personal experience with Don Burke came later that year when The Block was on air, when he came to our apartment to film an interview with my husband and I.

“The producers had warned us about what to expect from him beforehand and said just to ignore the bad language and inappropriate jokes. I was also warned not to be alone with him.

“He was vile. I remember there were jokes about bestiality and references to my looks and body. Finally, I remember the ferry going past (we lived in Kirribilli on the waterfront) and him saying something sexual about teenage schoolgirls on the ferry and everyone laughing uncomfortably because we didn’t know what else to do.”

Mike Carlton:
“No surprises here. Burke put the hard word on my first wife while he was filming in our garden in the ’80s. She told him to f*** off.”

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Burke has denied allegations.

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