Go-to guy Sean Keenan doesn’t play faves

He had 4 titles on air in 2017 but just don't ask Sean Keenan to pick his favourite.

2017 was the year of Sean Keenan, with 4 titles hitting our screens: Hoges, Glitch, Wake in Fright & Australia Day.

On the red carpet recently, he took it all in his stride.

“When you say those 4 shows in a row it sounds like a lot, but there was space in between,” he told TV Tonight.

“Between Wake in Fright & Glitch there was no space but a bit of space afterwards. It’s been a really great year.”

So of the 4 did he have a personal favourite?

“No. I treat every job with the same amount of respect. I don’t pick favourites,” he insisted.

“I always love shooting on location and I loved shooting in Broken Hill for Wake in Fright. I think that’s what defines favourites, because each was great in their own way.

“We have fantastic crews so there is never any show that I come off going ‘That was a bad time.'”

Despite a mixed reception for Wake in Fright, Keenan landed an AACTA nomination for his performance, which was universally praised.

“I didn’t really read any of the articles so if there was a mixed reception I think it’s because it’s hard to hit (the original). It was a fantastic movie and if people were going into it with a pre-conceived idea then maybe they were comparing it to the film.

“It’s nice to be acknowledged. I can’t say I was expecting it, so it’s really nice.”

Next up is a role in The True History of the Kelly Gang, while he awaits word on whether Glitch will proceed to a third season.

“Not yet, but it’s a possibility. I don’t know at this stage.”

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