NY Times praises ABC comedies

The New York Times has included both Rosehaven & Please Like Me in its Best TV Shows of 2017 list.

The list featured American Vandal, Better Things, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Leftovers.

Rosehaven, which airs on SundanceNow, got a mention in the Best International Shows:

This Australian fishes-out-of-water comedy, created by its stars, Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor, is about neurotic big-city best friends who find themselves running a family real-estate business in a small town in Tasmania. Affable and human, it’s the mirror-world version of terrible-twosome shows like “You’re the Worst” or “Catastrophe.”

Hulu’s Please Like Me was named on the Best Shows that Ended in 2017 list:

This Australian coming-of-age comedy blends its sweet disposition with its unsentimental view of the world, creating room for both darling goofballs and catastrophic depression. Many ensemble comedies are aspirational (“Friends,” say) and the ones that aren’t tend to be cynical (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”). “Please Like Me” is neither of those things. Instead, it’s thoughtful and welcoming, often hilarious and just oddball enough.


  1. Love both of these shows so it’s lovely to read they got a mention in the US. I did struggle with last weeks Rovehaven episode though, in reference to the bullying. I felt for Daniel and obviously links perhaps to his own childhood…such an important issue to discuss but shows that it is hard to overcome as an adult. I know many people whose childhood bullying has affected them in adulthood. I just wanted Daniel to ‘win’ this battle but alas no…

    • I thought it showed an interesting point of view, in that the bully himself didn’t really think he had done anything – “it was all a joke”. The show highlighted the dichotomy of the feelings of the bully and the bullied.

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