Oops. Is Media Watch returning?

Never fear Paul Barry, ABC may have left Media Watch off its list of returning shows for 2018 but TV Tonight is assured the show isn’t going anywhere.

It will be back to spot the boo-boos and keep transgressors in line for another year.

Yesterday’s 2018 highlights noted, “2018 will see the return of the agenda-setting ABC NEWS line-up across television, radio, digital and social media, including flagships such as 7.30, Australian Story, Four Corners, Q&A, AM and PM.”

It was also left off the full list of returning shows.

Maybe Mr. Barry can commiserate with Shaun Micallef, whose Mad as Hell show was once not submitted by ABC Publicity for Logies consideration.



Back in Time for Dinner


Back in Very Small Business

Anh’s Brush With Fame S3

Corey White’s Road Map to Paradise

Art Bites S2

Don’t Stop the Music

Ask the Doctor S2

Employable Me

Australian Story

Everyone’s a Critic


Grace Beside Me

Black Comedy S3

Hannah Gadsby’s Nakedy Nude



Comedy Next Gen S2

Hawke , The Larrikin and the Leader


Hive: Guilty

Fresh Blood S2

Hive: Oddlands

Four Corners

Hive: Remembering Agatha

Giggle & Hoot

Invictus Games

Good Game Spawn Point

Making Child Prodigies

Gruen S10

General Monash and Me

Hard Quiz S3

Mystery Road

Inside Amy Schumer

Pine Gap

Jack Irish S2


Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery S6


Melbourne Int’l Comedy Festival 2018


My Year 7 Life

Teenage Boss

News To Me

The New Legends of Monkey

Play School

Think Tank

Play School Story Time


Rake S5

Restoration Australia

Shaun Micallef’s Ma d As Hell S8

The Checkout S6

The Mix

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering S4

You Can’t Ask That S3

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