Patti Newton headlines are tantamount to bullying

Why do we treat our seniors so disrespectfully?

Or more to the point, why do the women’s magazines target Bert & Patti Newton?

The showbiz couple were again on the cover of Woman’s Day this week implying that Patti may have walked out on Bert.

She hit back at the claims this week on radio, saying she had sought legal advice.

“Everyone’s thinking I’m leaving Bert — I guess that’s what they wanted,” she told 3AW hosts Simon Owens and Phil Brady. “The way the story reads I’m heading over to console Matthew.

“It’s only because they’ve got that photograph that they’ve made up that story.”

The story suggests son Matthew had ended his engagement with Catherine Schneiderman, with an unnamed “friend” saying an “inconsolable” Patti was ready to pack her bags and fly to New York.

But Patti denied any break-up, adding,“I’ve spoken to them both today, they’re as happy as Larry.

“It’s a totally made-up story, just so they can use this shocking photo of me carrying bags.”

While it’s fair to argue Bert & Patti are in the public spotlight (both are semi-retired) it surely isn’t license to hound them with paparazzi pics and false, distressing headlines. Can anyone explain, what has Patti ever done to warrant such tabloid treatment?

Patti, 72, recovered from a bad fall in October while Bert, 79, was recovered from pneumonia earlier this year. Yet all the mags do is add to stress while we have seen debates about harassment, bullying and lies.

Surely our seniors, whether they’d are in or out of the limelight, deserve better. At the very least they deserve accuracy.

Kudos to Patti for attempting to rise above such dross.

“It does drive me mad. It’s such a stupid story,” she said.

Source: 3AW


  1. Guess they write this rubbish so they have something “exclusive” to fill the pages with.

    The internet breaks any true stories long before the weekly press cycle of a printed gossip magazine.

  2. I often wonder where do the people come from that are taking the pics? More and more celebrities seem to be taking legal action these days (or at least threatening) which is a very good thing.

  3. Thanks for clarifying this story David,as I too saw this headline on the magazine stands while waiting at the supermarket register and I was saying to myself hoe true is this storyline?

  4. Sometimes people buy these magazines out of a genuine concern for Patti (or the latest victim of their lies). The magazines are exploiting not only people like Patti, but also their (I would assume mostly older: see the Jeannie Little article on the bottom corner) readers.

  5. I saw that the Australian press council covers magazines if every inaccurate article was reported every issue of these magazine will be full of press council findings.

  6. “While it’s fair to argue Bert & Patti are in the public spotlight (both are semi-retired) it surely isn’t license to hound them with paparazzi pics and false, distressing headlines.”

    True. After all, it’s not as if she wore the same dress at the same time as someone else – it would’ve been perfectly acceptable in that case…

  7. People who buy these magazines should be ashamed of themselves. What fool would buy a publication on a weekly basis that contains pages of made up stories?

    • My mother buys them weekly to do the puzzles and competitions, and has won a fair few so she’s not going to stop. She doesn’t read the stories, gave up reading them years ago. Unfortunately her sales would still count, and probably others like her, making the publishers think they’re being bought for the headlines.

  8. I don’t know how these rags keep existing…every story on that front page is crazy…..
    I am sorry for those that work there…but both those gossip mags should be shut down….Just disgusting!

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