Producer defends Romper Stomper against “racist crap”

Romper Stomper producer John Edwards has defended the upcoming Stan miniseries against criticism by Melbourne social worker Les Twentyman that it is racist and will stir up

Twentyman, well-known for his outreach work in the western suburbs, told 3AW the screening would lead to further problems with minority groups and called for it to be axed.

“What it does is legitimises these faction groups that are very tunnel-visioned,” he said.

He described the relationship with sections of the African community was already fragile and said the “movie” would only further strain it.

“It’s very concerning,” he said.

But while his comments may actually help generate controversy and publicity, Edwards said that unlike the 1992 movie miniseries sheds light on the views of many: from the Right-wing “nut bags” to anti-fascists, secular Muslims “caught in the crossfire”, a Right-wing journalist, and police to a former group member.

“We are extremely pleased with what we have done … and how we have been able to ask moral questions,” he told the Herald Sun.

While the Stan miniseries includes Lebanese-Australians, the African community is not the focus of the story.

Edwards encouraged people to watch the series in full before passing judgment.

It screens on January 1st.

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  1. I guess judgement for this show will be best indicated by the viewer numbers it receives during the coming season, there’s no doubt that the rise of extreme right wing nationalism, especially in Europe, was jump started by illegal immigration and the multi-cultural issues that have divided communities. I may take a look at Romper Stomper not for any socio-political curiosity but just to see if it’s entertaining which is really what any show should be all about.

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